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Four by Daniel Madison

A shuffled deck of cards is cut in half. The performer and participant each select a half and shuffle. The performer tells the participant a number between 1 and 26 and invites them to count to that card in their half. The participant is invited to do the same; to name a number for the performer to count to. This is repeated until both the performer and participant have three cards each. One by one the cards are turned over to reveal three perfect matching pairs.

The performer and participant each have a different colored deck. Each deal four cards face down randomly from their decks. The performer then deals a random 5th card face down on top of the participants four cards, the participant then does the same; dealing a final random card onto the performers four cards. The performer then turns over his cards to see if he has a poker hand of any kind; the cards are shown to be rags. The participant then does the same to show a bad hand. The hands are then compared to see if either managed to deal any matching cards; in each hand there is only one matching card, this is turned face down to show that it was the card dealt from the other deck.

Cheaters Heritage
The performer introduces four playing cards from a different deck without revealing their value; these cards are said to resemble a 5-card-poker-hand with one card missing. The deck is handed to the participant who is invited to openly search the playing cards for any card of their choice to add as the 5th card, for example, the King of Hearts is selected. The King is placed aside and the four cards are revealed to be the Ace through Four of Clubs, which means that the King of Hearts didn't help. The performer explains that in this situation he would never rely on luck to help him win at poker, his cheating skills are then proven as the participant is invited to turn over the King of Hearts where the 5 of Clubs is now found. The King of Hearts is then revealed in the performers pocket, in the box, back in the deck.

A participant is invited to thoroughly shuffle the deck of cards before placing it on the surface. A Joker is introduced and the participant is asked to insert the card anywhere in the middle of the deck face up. The deck is cut at the Joker, which remains at the bottom to prevent any possible glimpsing. The participant is asked to deal 46 cards into a face-up pile as quickly as possible, during which time the performer will memorize all of the cards. Once 46 cards have been dealt, by elimination the performer is able to name the 6 cards left at the bottom of the deck.

Three Things
The performer claims that he will prove the dexterity of his skills in three simple steps. He places his business card on the table and shuffles the deck of cards. He then counts off cards into a pile and invites the participant to call stop at any point.

  1. The business card is turned over to show a prediction of The Ace of Spades.
  2. The stopped card is turned to show the Ace of Spades.
  3. The deck is turned over and spread; shown to be in brand new deck order.

Overkill ACAAN Switch
The participant is handed the deck and invited to shuffle. They are then asked to deal cards one at a time face down into the performers open hand stopping at any point. The stopped at card is revealed to be the performers desire card.

Ante Up
A round of poker is dealt to 5 imaginary players. The participant has a choice of which hand they want and which hand they want the participant to have. Each time this is performed the performer wins and all hands are revealed to be losing hands, apart from that chosen for the performer.

Four cards are placed face down on the surface. The participant is invited to cover any one card with their hand. The other three cards are turned over to reveal three Aces, the covered card is turned over to reveal a King.

Blind Snap
The performer invites the participant to partake in a game of Blind Snap, in which the game of Snap is played, but with face down cards. Every time the participant thinks their cards match, they call out snap. At the end of the round, the Snap cards are revealed to be the only perfect matching cards in the deck.

1st edition 2010; 20 pages.
word count: 10595 which is equivalent to 42 standard pages of text

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