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Fred Betzner

Fred Betzner

Fred grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has been involved in magic and mentalism for more than fifty years. Fred holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology, and has studied the supernatural for most of his life. He currently resides in Victorville, California.

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Fred Betzner
Symbol Dice Reading by Fred Betzner

A unique reading that will set you apart from the crowd!

When I saw a set of "Rory's Story Cubes" for the first time, I thought there was great potential in the product as a reading tool. The product is sold as a set of nine cubes, containing 54 images, and intended as a tool for creative story telling. According to one retailer, there are 10,077,696 possible combinations, when the cubes are tossed out. I purchased a set of these online for under $9.00.

This PDF details the following:

INTRODUCTION to the product and reading concept. Once learned, this presentation can be limited to...

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