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Fred Kolb

Fred Kolb

(Jersey City, New Jersey: 13th January 1915 - 11th March 1985)

Billed as "Master of Mystery". Semi-pro card, mental, and thimble magic for clubs, colleges, and hotels. A teacher by profession was a magician from Morristown, New Jersey. Served 41 months in the US Army Signal Corps.

Wrote Exciting Experiments in E.S.P. (1970, 76pp). Tricks in Genii, Magick, and Jinx.

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Fred Kolb
Exciting Experiments in ESP by Fred Kolb

A collaborative effort between the author and Ken Kline, an expert on extrasensory perception.

Excerpt from the preface:

A bachelor in his early fifties, Ken Kline was an armchair mentalist who loved the theory and occasional practice of his art. By profession, a theatrical photographer and was later involved in hotel management, all his spare hours were spent in research into the varied occult sciences. Over the years he kept a set of detailed notebooks and, at his bequest, they were left to me. I felt it was important that his ideas and enthusiasm be shared with others. Having this in...

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