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Frederick Michael Shields

Frederick Michael Shields

(San Diego, California: 1919 - 19th January 1982)

Actor, theatrical writer, and TV executive until retired. Amateur magician and mentalist. In 1947 co-invented (with Bascom Jones) Unbelievable, a now classic card trick. Co-wrote (with Bascom Jones) the "Double Daring" column in Genii 1947-61. After a career with the CBS broadcast network that spanned 17 years, Frederick retired in 1970. He was a frequent visitor to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he held membership number 3.

Published effects in Genii under several pen names. On original AMA Board of Directors 1962-72.

Coauthors: Bascom Jones

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Frederick Michael Shields & Bascom Jones
Unbelievable by Frederick Michael Shields & Bascom Jones

A billion-to-1 psychic miracle using a regular deck of cards. A reputation maker, yet easy to perform.

A deck of cards is legitimately riffle shuffled and cut. A spectator selects any two suits, say Spades and Diamonds. These two suits are removed from the pack and given to the spectator. The performer takes the other two suits not chosen. The spectator deals a card face down. The performer places a card face up on this card. This is repeated. Variety is added by the performer dealing a card face down and spectator covers this card with one of his cards face-up. When all cards are dealt...

★★★★ $6
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