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Freestyle Book Test
by Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña

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Freestyle Book Test by Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña

The Freestyle Book Test is a powerful book test that you can make at home, with practically any book.

"This book test is unlike any other I have seen." - David Regal (review in Genii magazine)

"Wow, very, very impressive. I like the way so much information can be divulged, this info on the mnemonics certainly applies to many, many effects. I am guessing that even if someone does not use the book test, they will walk away with something from this. Good stuff." - Banachek

You display a book that you say you've had for a long time and have even written and doodled inside of it. Throughout the book, there are notations of cards, serial numbers, dates, locations, names, drawings, and highlighting. A spectator stops at any page and holds onto the book, and you begin to call out various words from the book, numbers, doodles, colors, names, and all sorts of information.

You've also written in playing cards throughout the book. You have the spectator call out their favorite card and then have them find it in the book, without touching the book you begin to call out information from the pages they are looking at, including drawings that are inscribed next to their card.

The Freestyle Book Test uses a method that has now been dubbed "The Interlocking Mnemonic Lists." You'll be able to incorporate this method into any of your books plus even incorporate the method into other effects.

Now you can take any book and use your own personal history to make up a book test. And with a little effort, you can do this in any language. The Freestyle Book Test gives you a book test that looks like no other used in mentalism.

"Once again we mentalists are fortunate to benefit from Greg's unique perspective -- and his obsessive-compulsive disorder -- as he brings us what may be the most individualized booktest yet. Read, enjoy, marvel ... you never would have come up with this yourself!" - John Riggs

1st edition 2004, PDF 36 pages.
word count: 13043 which is equivalent to 52 standard pages of text

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