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Greg Arce

( - 8th December 2023)

Coauthors: Federico Ludueña

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Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña
Freestyle Book Test by Greg Arce & Federico Ludueña

The Freestyle Book Test is a powerful book test that you can make at home, with practically any book.

"This book test is unlike any other I have seen." - David Regal (review in Genii magazine)

"Wow, very, very impressive. I like the way so much information can be divulged, this info on the mnemonics certainly applies to many, many effects. I am guessing that even if someone does not use the book test, they will walk away with something from this. Good stuff." - Banachek

You display a book that you say you've had for a long time and have even written and doodled inside of it. Throughout the...

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