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Full Circle Rope Routine
by L. C. Collier


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Full Circle Rope Routine by L. C. Collier

The magician pulls out a six foot piece of rope, pulls it up in the center and clearly cuts the rope into two pieces. He then picks up the bottom ends, brings them to the top and the rope fully restores. He then grabs the rope by the middle and cuts it in half again. He trims off the pieces at the top and the rope restores a second time.

He folds the rope into thirds and cuts it at the top and bottom. He clearly counts off the three separate and equal pieces from one hand to the other. With all the pieces held in one hand he brings the bottom ends to the top and individually pulls out three unequal pieces of rope. While holding the three unequal pieces of rope in one hand, he gathers the bottom ends and they stretch out into equal lengths again.

Draping one of the even ropes over his shoulder, he ties the remaining two ropes, in a very open manner, together in a square knot. He can have an audience member verify that it is indeed a square knot. The remaining rope is retrieved from his shoulder and is tied, again openly, into a square knot. This too can be verified by an audience member. The bottom knot is removed from the rope and discarded. He finally removes the last knot, tosses it into the audience and openly displays the fully restored rope.

This effect can be done as a talking routine or to music. The outcome is always the same ... AWE!

"Full circle" means you start at point A, take a magical journey and eventually end up back at point A.

1st edition 2003; 13 pages.
word count: 3513 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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