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Further Thought on Cards
by J. Stewart Smith

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Further Thought on Cards by J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith presents more of his mystifying card effects, accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. The author was something of an enigma, eschewing public performances in favor of fooling magicians and mentalists at magic conventions. After a process of continual refinements from demonstrating his effects under the critical eyes of magicians, he would assemble a small number of his latest creations and issue them in small, limited-edition booklets. To say that his books are hard to come by is a gross understatement. This is a shame since the magic is priceless.

Smith was a firm believer that effective magic must be easily followed and tell a story. The eleven effects presented here are fine examples of this credo. No difficult sleights are required. All moves and subtleties are well-explained.


  • An Unexpected Coincidence
  • A Spectator's Feat
  • Follow the Black Queens
  • A Four Card Interchange
  • Four Queens in Unseen Motion
  • The Same Card
  • Some Thoughts on The Ambitious Card (2 effects)
  • The Inseparable Sevens (3 effects)

"Mr. Smith's routining is clever, naturally convincing and well thought out." - John J. Crimmins, Jr.

"We've tried all the effects and, as usual, have a favorite: A four card transposition called 'Queens in Unseen Motion'." - Sid Lorraine

"Smith's tricks are wonderful. His technique is a return to the disciplined approach to magic." - Harris Solomon

1st edition 1960; PDF 36 pages.
word count: 8331 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text