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Gene Anderson

Gene Anderson

(Grand Forks, Minnesota: 21st May 1941 - )

Raised in East Grand Forks. Inspired at age 8 when uncle showed him a trick. Learned by buying a 65¢ book. Paid debut at age 19. Trophy at 1964 TAOM Convention. Invented Origami Hat (1964, for which he won 1964 TAOM originality prize) and his Newspaper Tear (1967). PhD chemist with Dow Chemical since 1970. Thence a part-time pro stage and close-up magician and MC. Specializes in a paper act featuring his T&R Newspaper. Also invented Star of David Paper (a fold & cut, 1972).

Wrote Newspaper Magic (1968, 144pp, with Frances Marshall; French tr 1981 by Vollmer) and Topper's Mad, Mad Magic (1974). Tricks in Linking Ring and reviews in Genii. Audio. Video (1991).

Coauthors: Topper Martyn

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Gene Anderson

Si Stebbins Card Routine by Gene AndersonAn apparent demonstration of total card mastery, this series of card effects entertains and baffles a lay audience. The magician names missing cards by glancing at a riffling pack, listens to the riffling cards to count packets or locate any card, and detects truth from lies by spelling with the cards.

1st edition 1988, 5 pages; PDF 6 pages.

2018 / 9 / 29

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Topper Martyn & Gene Anderson

Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic by Topper Martyn & Gene AndersonThis is the book that has inspired most of the "zany" acts that have wowed them at magic conventions and other shows. Funny, funny stuff - but so easy for you to do, with these excellent instructions.

Topper Martyn is a lifetime magician, known all over Europe and here in the U.S. for his great ideas. In this ebook, he covers the preparation of your clothing for the act, the wild laugh-provoking dropping of stuff all over the stage, his collapsing table, crazy linking rings that are out of control, the mike cord that gets into the magic, various flashes and noises, the various tricks used...

2015 / 9 / 5

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Gene Anderson

Newspaper Trick by Gene AndersonGene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper (Photo Version). This famous and sensational trick has brought tremendous applause and standing ovations everywhere Gene shows it. This is just like having personal instruction through a series of photos of Gene in action. The photos will teach you quickly and easily how to do this really great trick. Ebook contains photos, line sketches and text.

1st digital edition 2014, 16 pages.

2014 / 7 / 22

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Gene Anderson

How to be a Part-Time Pro by Gene AndersonGene Anderson shares his international experience and opinion on things ranging from the difference between semi-pro and part-time pro, timing, entertaining. Excellent information on how to improve and get the most out of your act.

This tape contains a first class routine embodying a couple of tricks that blend beautifully into a linked routine...not only practical but devised for maximum impact. The full performing routine for Gene's world famous torn and restored newspaper effect is given. The secret is not revealed as the manuscript can be purchased from most magical dealers but the actual...

2009 / 10 / 21

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