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Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic
by Topper Martyn & Gene Anderson


(5 customer ratings) ★★★

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Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic by Topper Martyn & Gene Anderson

This is the book that has inspired most of the "zany" acts that have wowed them at magic conventions and other shows. Funny, funny stuff - but so easy for you to do, with these excellent instructions.

Topper Martyn is a lifetime magician, known all over Europe and here in the U.S. for his great ideas. In this ebook, he covers the preparation of your clothing for the act, the wild laugh-provoking dropping of stuff all over the stage, his collapsing table, crazy linking rings that are out of control, the mike cord that gets into the magic, various flashes and noises, the various tricks used in the act, complete patter, music, lights, and presentation. Plus special sections on "How to Make People Laugh," comedy routines for the Multiplying Bottles, Egg Bag, Bag Gag, a number of Alarm Clock stunts, playing card gags, egg tricks, match gags, etc., etc. including a "baby elephant." Another section covers trick tables to make. You will definitely use this material if you are looking for comedy stuff, bright, wild, mad, mad!!

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • The Mad, Mad Act
    • The Costume
    • The Conjurer Lays An Egg Or How To Drop Things Without Really Trying
    • Other Properties Required
    • The Stage Setting
    • Music
    • Lighting
    • The Act
  • How To Make People Laugh
  • Potpourri
    • The Multiplying Bottles
    • The Egg Bag
    • Topper’s Bag Gag
    • Alarm Clock Gags
    • The Egg Trick
    • Playing Card Gags
    • Match Gags
    • Close-Ups
    • The Great Beer Drinking Feat
    • The Hat Stand
    • Hodge Podge
  • Topper's Tables
    • Topper’s Roll-On Table
    • Topper’s Elastic-Top Table
    • Topper’s Table To Flowers
  • Underwhelming Anecdotes
  • Bibliography
  • To The Reader

1st edition 1974, 54 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, 61 pages.
word count: 21147 which is equivalent to 84 standard pages of text