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Gene Marvin

Gene Marvin

Gene Marvin flourished during the 1970s and 80s when he was a Las Vegas-based mentalist. He was billed as "The 21st Century Man". He had several TV bits, performed for the Playboy clubs, and did a lot of corporate engagements. He was married to Carmel. In the late 80s he pitched Svengali decks for Don Driver. Wrote Confidential Mental Secrets (~1970, 87 pages).

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Gene Marvin
Confidential Mental Secrets by Gene Marvin

Hardly anybody knows Gene Marvin today. During the 1970s and 80s, he was a successful mentalist billed as "The 21st Century Man". He was all over the magic press, performing left and right, TV bits, and corporate work. Then he dropped off the radar. This is the book he released during the 1970s.

Excerpt from the introduction:

In the world of tricks and illusion, mentalism is the "aristocrat" in the area of legerdemain. It is the "King of Conjuring," ranking so highly above the average magic trick that there can be no comparison - and usually there is none.

People know that magicians...

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