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by Ray Grismer

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Glaces by Ray Grismer

This effect was invented by Herbert Milton and made popular by Karl Germain. The improved method needs no double-faced cards and can be done impromptu providing the right type of glass is available. This visual effect can be performed at any time in your act and it may be done silently, with talk, or to music.

EFFECT: A shuffled deck of cards is placed in a stem goblet. Each time a handkerchief is flicked in front of the glass an ace appears.

This is Ray's totally impromptu method for a classic effect - one that has recently found favor with a number of well-heeled modern performers. The effect is visually breathtaking: a shuffled deck of cards is placed back out in a long-stemmed goblet. By flicking a handkerchief across the goblet an ace visibly appears on the back of the deck! The ace is removed, and the handkerchief flicked again ... another ace visibly appears. This is repeated until all four aces have been magically produced.

All former methods have involved gaffed cards. This ingenious solution uses an ordinary deck of cards - nothing is added or taken away. And the method is simple and easily handled - just as stunning as any of the gaffed card versions.

This is a feature effect, very visual, and with a method already being called the ideal solution by many of the world's card experts.

1st edition 1981, PDF 2 pages.
word count: 686 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text