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Ray Grismer

Ray Grismer

#1 Paper & Paper Money author
#2 Magic & Conjuring author
#2 Mentalism & Spiritism author
#3 Cards author

(Wallace, Idaho: 6th July 1927 - 21st January 2010)

Inspired as child seeing a magician. Learned from Erdnase and Fischer's Illustrated Magic. Jazz pianist until c1963 when traded piano lessons for card magic with Dai Vernon. Thence school teacher and semi-pro magician and lecturer. Foremost inventor of finger-ring and rope tricks since late 1960s. Aka "The Idaho Flash". Wrote many booklets, including The Punch Letters (1988, 23pp). Tricks in Talisman, Arcane, Epoptica, Genii, and Linking Ring. Video (1992). Father of Vicki Grismer.

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Ray Grismer
Limey by Ray Grismer

A totally different and highly original concept for the Bill in Lemon. With this clean and baffling method three signed bills vanish and reappear within a gift-wrapped lime, in a flash. The lime is slowly and fairly cut open to reveal the bills resting within.

The unique and practical "no fuss" loading method will completely fool anyone familiar with other methods for the effect.

In addition, the lime may be carried for hours prior to the performance - it cannot leak or damage your clothing or props. And, of course, you can prepare as many as you like well in advance - the preparation...

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Ray Grismer
Impromptu Mentalism by Ray Grismer

Impromptu mentalism is usually improvised but certain effects may be prepared in advance if they are presented as impromptu ideas. Somewhat like the comic who memorizes thousands of one-liners and seems to create them off the top of his head.

  • Bold Shots
  • Cold Reading
  • Contact Mind Reading
  • Pendulums
  • Basic Equipment
  • Center Tear
  • Billet Switch
  • Stooges
  • Forces
  • Equivoce
  • Hobson's Choice
  • Memory
  • Magic Squares
  • Higher Math
  • 1089
  • A B C D
  • 3 - 34 Follow-Up
  • Words
  • Wallet Acts
  • Magic
  • The Occult
  • COP Out
  • Finally

1st edition ~1980, 14 pages; PDF 8 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Ray Grismer
Glaces by Ray Grismer

This effect was invented by Herbert Milton and made popular by Karl Germain. The improved method needs no double-faced cards and can be done impromptu providing the right type of glass is available. This visual effect can be performed at any time in your act and it may be done silently, with talk, or to music.

EFFECT: A shuffled deck of cards is placed in a stem goblet. Each time a handkerchief is flicked in front of the glass an ace appears.

1st edition 1981, PDF 2 pages.

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Ray Grismer
Foxiest by Ray Grismer

For many years, Ray has worked on the problem of developing an impromptu version of the Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick. After testing and discarding several earlier handlings, he has come up with a stunning version that is a reputation-building demonstration of mass mentalism.

It can be done anytime, anywhere, totally impromptu, with a borrowed deck of cards which is first thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. The cards are handed out to several spectators - between five and twenty if you wish - and they are each asked to just think of a card. The cards are gathered and once again shuffled. You...

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Ray Grismer
Handy by Ray Grismer

A method for Edmund Rowland's "An Impromptu Torn Newspaper Test" that was modified and popularized by Al Koran.

Effect: The spectator is handed a sealed prediction. Someone chooses a number less than 33. The performer quickly tears a double newspaper page into 32 pieces and they are handed to the person who chose the number. This person counts to the piece at his number. The envelope is opened and the details of the prediction match the contents of the newsprint.

1st edition 1978, PDF 2 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)