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Glad To Be Here
by Arthur Herzog

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Glad To Be Here by Arthur Herzog

(The sequel to Make Us Happy.) The renegades try to govern but discover they need the computer.

Returning in triumph to New York City to announce their victory, the revolutionaries, Bil and Alce, the very, very old Ralp Nadir and the very, very sexy Dian Toffler, find that no one has noticed the revolution, and no one cares. Everyone just wants to keep on jogging, safe and secure and uninvolved.

Finally, the message of freedom breaks through the nearly fatal apathy of the people, and the painful, stumbling process of reinstituting democracy begins, with Bil as the new President. Then suddenly, it's all a flashback to the twentieth century, as Bil attempts to revive such great American classics as marriage, fashion, pollution, pregnancy, subways and airplanes, and three square meals a day. Meanwhile, dogs demand equal rights, Staten Island threatens secession, and a counter-revolutionary group, the Sad To Be Heres, gains momentum.

Can you teach a new society all of its old tricks? Can humanity relearn self-government and resist the temptation to slip back into the security of computer domination? Will the computers themselves remain unplugged - and unnoticed?

In the wit and fun of Glad To Be Here, you'll find some startling and timely answers, and be glad that Arthur Herzog is back with this rip-roaring saga of life, love, and lunacy in the thirtieth century.
word count: 65491 which is equivalent to 261 standard pages of text