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Going GaGa
by Graham Hey

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Going GaGa by Graham Hey

Going GaGa is a new ebook by Graham Hey containing some brand-new material and a couple of little-known classics brought up to date. They're all easy to do and brilliantly effective. You'll probably have most things you need to do these tricks - cards, duplicates, envelopes, etc.

Going GaGa is a great mentalism effect and a total 'magician fooler'. It's clever and easy to do. The performer hands a prediction to a spectator. Two spectators are given a pile of cards each. The first spectator shuffles his cards and selects any one. He is handed a list of celebrities and counts down - if he selected a six value of card, he counts down to celebrity number six on the list. His card was a free choice - the magician doesn't even touch the cards. He counts down to Angelina Jolie. The spectator opens the prediction - it's Angelina Jolie!

Next, the magician writes a second prediction, folds the paper and gives it to the second spectator in advance. The second helper shuffles their pile of cards and freely selects one. This time he selects a 10 (as an example). He counts down to '10' on the list - let's say 10th is Lady Gaga. The prediction is opened and it says Lady Gaga! There are no sleights or switching of cards. All the cards are normal.

The Joker's On You: A very clever card/mentalism effect. All you need is a normal deck and a joker plus some envelopes. You'll love the simplicity of this original effect. And you'll be doing it in just 2 minutes.

Funk Up the Fruit: The performer tells the spectators that he's really glad to be performing as he's been really struggling to pay the bills. He shows an envelope from the heating company - "I daren't even open it!" he says, and places it to one side. He asks three spectators to select a card and replace them into a deck. He says that he'll make them vanish and re-appear inside a melon! ...The melon is dramatically cut open but there are no cards inside - he can't explain it. He says he's not sure how he'll be able to carry on - as if his tricks go wrong, he won't get paid. He hands the letter to a spectator to open and inside are the three selected cards! This is completely 100% self-working. A re-working of an old classic.

The Spectator Goes Blank: Tell 3 spectators that the higher value card they select, the more intelligent they are. The first spectator selects an ace (ultra-intelligent). The second spectator selects a seven (average intelligence). The last spectator selects ... a blank card. (No brain!) The magician apologizes and lets them select another card – again they pick a blank. And then he does it for a final time – and again picks a blank, to the hilarity of his friends!

It's a Number's Thing: A vintage mathematical-type card trick that you can do at impromptu gatherings.

5 effects in total, plus a gag with a rubber dove, great value!

1st edition 2023, PDF 19 pages.
word count: 3990 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

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