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Goldfinger: Stand Up Coin Mysteries
by John McLachlan


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Goldfinger: Stand Up Coin Mysteries by John McLachlan

Develop your coin magic skills and presentations.

John McLachlan, and six of his magic colleagues in Toronto, present a 112 page eBook of coin magic to help you enchant and entertain. They begin with a dozen relatively easy Cool Moves which can be used almost immediately for impromptu quick effects at the coffee shop or in small groups. These are also used as building blocks for the more than a dozen Performance Pieces. (It is assumed the reader knows basic coin moves such as palming and your time is not wasted by repeating what most magicians know.) There are, however, some astonishing moves described in detail. Learn from the styles of the seven performers who contributed to the book and who teach you their methods for Three Fly with regular silver dollars, a Hopping Halfs type effect with ordinary coins, an unbelievable coin change, a scenario about the type of acrobats used in Bond films, a nightmare in which you are constantly one coin short and a compelling finish as dreamland approaches as well as other mysteries.

1st edition 2012, 112 pages.

(All moves and routines by John McLachlan unless noted differently.)

Table of Contents


  1. Victory Vanish
  2. Victory Coin Switch
  3. Victory Click Pass (Two methods)
  4. Thumb Down Coin Production
  5. Push-off Shuttle Pass
  6. Shuttle Touchdown
  7. Tip-up Coin Switch
  8. Twirl Change
  9. (James Alan) A Pretty Spellbound Change
  10. (Luiz Castro) Speed Vanish
  11. (Luiz Castro) Castro Switch


  12. Two Coins in the Hand
  13. As Time Goes By – Words for Two Coins
  14. Coin through Glass
  15. Parkour Monsieur
  16. All that Glitters
  17. (James Alan) Start and Finish with Silver Dollars
  18. (Ariel Frailich) The Five-Second Coin Trick
  19. (David Peck) Magneto
  20. (David Peck) The Center Folds
  21. (Luiz Castro) Three Fly
  22. (Luiz Castro) Three Coin Change
  23. (Mysterion) Charon's Change
  24. (Phil Pivnik) One Coin Short
  25. As Dreamland Approaches
  26. Bibliography

word count: 28628 which is equivalent to 114 standard pages of text