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Grace Sartwell Mason

Grace Sartwell Mason

(Port Allegany, Pennsylvania: October 31st, 1876 - February 1st, 1966)

Grace Sartwell Mason was an American journalist, critic, and writer of stories and novels. She was a member of the Author's Guild and an officer of the Pen and Brush, a New York club for women writers and artists. In 1912 she moved to California where she was associated with the artists' colony at Carmel.

Coauthors: John Northern Hilliard

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Grace Sartwell Mason & John Northern Hilliard
The Bear's Claws by Grace Sartwell Mason & John Northern Hilliard

An exciting adventure and game of espionage featuring among others Judy Gray from New York, a typist who writes imaginary adventure novels in her spare time, John Savidge from Chicago, employed by the Eastern Securities Company to secretly survey and plan a trans-Persian railway, Serge Wolkonsky an agent of the Russian Secret Service, and Tom Jaggard from America, a magician who travels the Middle East under "The Great Jaggard, the World's Master Mage of Magic".

The backdrop is Persia at the beginning of the 20th century. All the powerful nations, first and foremost Russia, want to build...

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