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Grant's Brilliant Card Magic
by Ulysses Frederick Grant

#3 Illusions, Escape & Stage author

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Grant's Brilliant Card Magic by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a fascinating book on card magic. It shows U. F. Grant at his best. (Robert J. Smith mentioned on the cover was one of U.F. Grant's pseudonyms.) These are some of the most ingenious methods for card tricks you will find. Many are magician foolers. All are very easy to do but pack a wallop. Most of them require no sleight of any kind!

You get 50 tricks in all. Some of these items can be used as show platform tricks such where a glass of ink changes to glass of clear water with a selected card inside using no chemicals. Another effect is that three people just name cards at random. Anyone shuffles a deck and gives it to the performer; he drops the deck into a bushel basket and puts it on his head. He reaches into the basket and rapidly removes the three cards in seconds just named sight unseen! A real magician fooler.

  • Hindu Shuffle Card Force
  • Three Methods Of Eliminating The Pass
  • Three Simplified Card Forces
  • Cutting For High Card
  • Fake Second Deal
  • Fake Bottom Deal
  • Card Thru The Door
  • Face To Face
  • The Seventh Card
  • Cards In Pocket
  • The Big Think
  • The Big Think Variation
  • Dial The Devil
  • Torn Card Location
  • Easy Card Stab
  • Card In Cloud Of Smoke
  • Envelope Prediction
  • Double Deck Mystery
  • Double Face Card Frame
  • Three Way Card Stab
  • The Big Card Paddle
  • Card Stab In Cigar Box
  • The Triple Decker
  • Here's An Idea
  • Grant's Four Ace Trick
  • Grant's U-Do-It Ace Trick
  • Dramatic Card Wheel Stab
  • Magicians Miracle
  • Bushel Basket Card Trick
  • Grant’s 30 Card Trick
  • Card Peek Location
  • Count Down Location
  • Weight Test
  • Ink To Water & Card
  • A Black Card
  • Is This Your Card
  • Grants Two Card Monte
  • The Zombie Card
  • Color Change Deck
  • Practical Poker Deal
  • U-Find-It Card Trick
  • Your Card Is Red Back
  • Stand - Up
  • Card In Plastic Plates
  • A Neat Card Rise

digital edition 2017, 20 pages.
word count: 7897 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text