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Hot to Trost
by David Devlin

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Hot to Trost by David Devlin

David Devlin has released a staple from his impromptu card act. This is a full routine, and it is a killer! This is based on an effect by the great Nick Trost, and is a tribute of sorts to him. This may become your "go-to" effect when someone hands you a deck and says, "Do something." You will be performing this routine in no time. It is not difficult, and it looks incredible.

Here is the routine: The jokers are removed from the deck, and placed on the table. The performer removes any card he wishes, but shows it to know one, not even himself. This card is placed face down between the two jokers, but all three cards are left in a slightly spread condition so that the unknown card is still visible throughout.

Two spectators each select a card, and sign them across their faces. The cards are lost in the deck. The performer shows the spectators that their cards are not on either the top or the bottom of the deck. He explains that because of that, logic would dictate that the cards are somewhere in the middle of the deck. However, there has been an unknown card between the jokers since before the spectators selected their cards. The spectator himself removes the card from between the jokers. It is his signed card!

The selected card is now placed into the center of the deck, but instantly reappears between the jokers. Once again the card is cleanly placed into the center of the deck. The jokers are spread and gently shaken. A face down card slowly materializes between the two jokers. It is again the selected card.

The jokers are placed aside, and the selection is again placed into the center of the deck. The performer taps the top of the deck, and the selection has risen to the top.

The selection is then placed onto the spectator's hand. The spectator places his other hand on top of the card, so the card is sandwiched between his palms. The performer picks up the jokers, and says that he is going to steal the selection out from between the spectator's palms without him knowing. Instantly, the spectator's selection appears between the two jokers. However, there is still a card between the spectator's palms. The performer explains that not only did he sneak out the one selection, but he replaced it with the second selection. The spectator turns over the card in his hands and it is the second signed selection.

  • Totally impromptu
  • No extra cards or gaffs
  • No setup
  • Easy to do
  • Can be done with a borrowed deck

1st edition 2017, 15 pages.
word count: 3580 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text