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Griff on Cards
by Tony Griffith


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Griff on Cards by Tony Griffith

Prize-winning card magic without skill.

Here's an ebook brimming over with new and original card tricks all performed without skill. Startling, practical magic that you will enjoy working with. Novel mysteries from a great close-up worker who believes that the simple way of performing magic is the best way. Dozens of expertly drawn illustrations by artist John Dyke. All items are clearly and concisely described, and easy to follow. Only one sleight is used, once, in the whole of the book.

A Demonstration on How to win at Poker
The trick that won the Cecil Lyle award. A tremendous routine that defies description, certainly explanations, from any audience. No skill or sleights, yet you display what must appear as a fantastic and incredible mastery over the cards. A routine that is worth alone, far more than the price of the whole ebook.

The Telephone Card Mystery
One of the cleverest methods conceived for the great effect of having your wife or girlfriend name a freely chosen card over the phone. No codes or similar old ideas.

A Question of Coincidence
Tony’s great eye-popping routine that builds up and up. A succession of brilliant effects that appears like marvelous skill.

A Cupful of Thoughts
A comedy item to give some “light and shade” between the more profound mysteries.

Blindfold Pocket Pull Out
The performer is blindfolded. A card is freely chosen by a spectator, initialed by him, and shuffled back by him, into the pack. Despite all this, the magician can instantly locate the actual chosen card.

Out of this World
A cute addition to this popular trick that gives it a new lease of life.

Packswitch, by Ralph
A first-class contributed item by Tony's friend. Ralph Fisher, who, in his own right is a most clever exponent of close-up micro-magic. Here a most ingenious switch for a pack of cards is described.

An Improved Version of the Card Index System
No gimmicks or gadgets with this method of producing any card called for. Card is produced, sealed in an envelope. After the card is removed, the envelope is otherwise empty. Also ... ideas for the Card Index System. Tricks you will use.

On the Forehead
Another humorous notion. A small miniature of the chosen card appears on the magician's forehead.

The Mark of the Reader
Another of the plum of the book. One of Tony's favorite mysteries that will soon become one of your favorites too. A chosen card vanishes and appears in a book, between the chosen pages. No moves! No sleights! No skill! Another feature routine.

1st edition 1964, PDF 45 pages.
word count: 12169 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text