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Guy Hollingworth

Guy Hollingworth

(England: 1974 - )

Is a barrister, conjuror, author and lecturer who specializes in sleight-of-hand card magic.

First interest in magic at the age of 13, when he attended St Paul's School in west London. The school has a magic club called The Prestige Society. Was inspired by seeing footage of magician Channing Pollock and Ricky Jay.

He graduated in industrial design and subsequently in law. He currently works full-time as a barrister but continues to give occasional magic performances.

He is best known for his creation The Reformation, in which a signed playing card is torn into four pieces and then visibly restored one piece at a time. Wrote Drawing Room Deceptions. Featured on NBC's World's Greatest Magic III TV special.

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Guy Hollingworth
Waving the Aces by Guy Hollingworth

After "Reformation", this is Guy Hollingworth's most brilliant creation. The aces visibly turn face up while at the fingertips. If you think Twisting the Aces is a strong effect, then Waving the Aces will blow your mind. And it is not at all difficult to perform for an intermediate level card magician.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 18min 39s

★★★★★ $6
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