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Harapan Ong

Harapan Ong is a magician from Singapore. He loves card tricks, physics, food, and complaining about gaining weight despite loving food. When he is not thinking about card tricks, he is a high school physics teacher in Singapore.


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Harapan Ong
Spellcheck by Harapan Ong

What if I told you that there was an amazing card trick hidden in plain sight ... printed on the box of your favourite deck of cards? Henry Christ's "Tally-Ho!" is a unique and fun spelling trick like no other. By spelling the words found on a Tally-Ho card box in an order determined by the spectator, you are able to produce the four Nines - matching the "No. 9" printed on the box.

In this ebook, I will be teaching Roy Walton's variation of "Tally-Ho!" (permission granted by Roy Walton), along with my presentation for the trick. I will then present to you methods to perform this simple and self-working...

★★★★★ $12.99
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