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Roy Walton

Roy Walton

(Acton, London, England: April 1932 - 4th February 2020)

At age 10 inspired by and learned from a birthday gift box of tricks and amateur close-up magician since. Dealer (manager of Davenport's branch in Glasgow) since 1955. Son-in-law of George Davenport, having married in 1959 the latter's younger daughter, Jean (born 1937). One of the creative cardmen in the United Kingdom, inventing Collectors (by 1969), Impact, and Cardwarp (1974). Teacher of Gordon Bruce.

Wrote The Devil's Playthings (1969, 61pp), Cardboard Charades (1971, 54pp), Tale Twisters (1972, 12pp), Card Script (1973, 47pp; repr 1975), Some Late Extra Card Tricks (1975, 26pp), A Collection of Card Tricks Using Unprepared Cards and Trigger (1976, 12pp), That Certain Something (1979, 23pp), and The Complete Walton [2 vols, 1981, 1988]. See Richard Vollmer, The Very Best of Roy Walton (1980, in French). Tricks in Abra, Chronicles, Epilogue, Genii, Hierophant, Ibidem, Kabbala, Linking Ring (with 1980 "Parade"), Magic, Magic Circular, Pabular, Pallbearers, Pentagram, Spellbinder, and Swami.

Coauthors: Bob Farmer

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Roy Walton
Des Teufels Gebetbuch (gebraucht) by Roy Walton

Sehr gut erhaltenes Buch in Kunststoff-Kammbindung. Information zum Inhalt finden Sie auf der Ebuch Produktseite.

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Bob Farmer & Roy Walton
Mutanz by Bob Farmer & Roy Walton

A bizarre packet trick.

Inexplicable, unexplainable, enigmatic, and just plain weird. A cascade of alchemikal conundrums. A phantasmagoric orgy of cabalistic conjuration. A bewildering bafflement of uncanny dimensionality. Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become grotesque mutants - in the hands of the spectator!

No angles. Everything examinable. Resets instantly. Satisfaction guaranteed or we'll apologize. Warning: This ad contains bombastic hyperbole and unconscionable embellishment.

When the going gets weird the weird get Mutanz!


★★★★ $7.50
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Roy Walton
Des Teufels Gebetbuch by Roy Walton

Roy Walton ist einer der ganz grossen Kartentrickerfinder. Hier sind seine besten Kreationen beschrieben. Sein bekanntester Trick ist Cardwarp.

Alle erforderlichen Griffe, mit Ausnahme einiger ganz weniger, die nun wirklich jeder Leser dieses Buches kennen dürfte, sind im Anhang beschrieben.

  • Vorwort
  • Aperitif
  • Gemeinsames Gedankenlesen
  • Die Macht Des Geldes
  • Öl Und Damen
  • Der Karl Le Fong Trick
  • Auftrag Erledigt
  • Noch Ein Auftrag
  • Treppenstufen
  • Ein Weiterer Klimax
  • Eine Alternativmethode
  • Der Verrückte Kartentrick
  • Der Weitspringer
  • Der X Plus Eins As-Trick
  • Jay Bee Transposition ...
★★★★★ $20
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)