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Harold Sterling

Harold Sterling

(USA: 1899 - 13th October 1977)

Stage name of Harold E. Fackler, aka "Thelmo" as pen name. Pro magician (including 7 years with the Redpath Bureau and school assembly bureaus with wife Gloria) to bread salesman to magic dealer (Sterling Magic Co.) in Detroit c1939-c1954 when sold to Gene DeVoe. Eventually, he moved with his wife to New Port Richey, Florida, where they bought and managed a small resort property.

Invented Short and Long Rope (by 1939), Production Moderne (by 1940), Sterling Egg Bag (by 1941), and Miko (in early 1940s). Wrote (as "Thelmo") First Book of Magic (1929) and (as "Sterling") Fifty Tricks with a Bottomless Tumbler (1949).

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Harold Sterling
No Bottoms by Harold Sterling

50 tricks with a bottomless glass.

Here's a clever collection of fifty tricks, tips, and ideas that you can do with a bottomless glass. Tricks you never thought possible can be done: mental effects, transpositions, color changes, vanishes, penetrations, comedy effects, productions, transformations, and more. Tricks with silks, coins, eggs, liquids, chains, cards, balls, smoke, sand, rings, dice, and much more.

Get this handy utility device out of your magic drawer and put it to work, with the help of this manuscript. You'll no doubt think of many other fine effects, once you've read it...

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