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No Bottoms
by Harold Sterling

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No Bottoms by Harold Sterling

50 tricks with a bottomless glass.

Here's a clever collection of fifty tricks, tips, and ideas that you can do with a bottomless glass. Tricks you never thought possible can be done: mental effects, transpositions, color changes, vanishes, penetrations, comedy effects, productions, transformations, and more. Tricks with silks, coins, eggs, liquids, chains, cards, balls, smoke, sand, rings, dice, and much more.

Get this handy utility device out of your magic drawer and put it to work, with the help of this manuscript. You'll no doubt think of many other fine effects, once you've read it cover to cover.

This updated edition includes three new chapters, two added illustrations, and numerous performance notes.

  • About This Book
  • Introduction
  • Silk Appearance
  • 21st Century Silks
  • Vanishing Coins
  • Vanishing Coins Redux
  • Passe Passe Coins
  • Egg and Silk Routine
  • Coins to Mouse
  • Coins to Mouse Convincer
  • Color Changing Billiard Ball
  • Comedy Betcha Stunt
  • Multiple Silks Production
  • Ball Through Hat Trick
  • The Escaping Ball
  • The Mysterious Glass
  • Inexplicable Vanish
  • A Betting Stunt
  • Impressive Rope Production
  • A Baffling Prediction
  • Spare Change
  • Mind If I Smoke?
  • The Reappearing Silk
  • A Professional Secret
  • A Complete Mind Reading Act
  • Penetrating Silk Mystery
  • The Yolk's On You!
  • Oops, Wrong Glass!
  • Miser's Dream (and Again and Again)
  • Teleportation of a Borrowed Ring
  • Magical Welding
  • Vanishing Silk (Table Method)
  • Another Vanishing Silk
  • Confetti to Silk
  • Vanishing Liquid
  • Vanishing Liquid II
  • Ditching the Dye Tube
  • Appearing Silk and Glass
  • A Novel Penetration
  • A Bar Gag
  • Rubber Ball Vanish
  • Ball Penetration
  • Egg-cellent Silk Mystery
  • The Inquisitive Jack
  • Inexpensive Production Box
  • Color Changing Silk
  • Confetti to Flag
  • Chinese Linking Chain
  • Plain-Sight Color Change
  • Linking Keyrings
  • A Good Production
  • A Transposition
  • The Rising Card Trick
  • About the Author

1st edition 1949, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 5822 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text