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Harry Blackstone

Harry Blackstone

(27th September 1885 - 16th November 1965)

Legendary American stage magician. Born Harry Boughton, he started as one half of a vaudeville comedy act with his brother, Pete Bouton. Along with his long stage career, he co-founded Blackstone's Magic Co. with Percy Abbott in the 1929. He is credited with creating classic routines for the Dancing Handkerchief, the Vanishing Bird Cage, the Buzz Saw, and of course, the Floating Light Bulb. Many feel that he was the best example of what a magician should be. He was succeeded by his son, Harry Blackstone Jr.

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Harry Blackstone
Blackstone's Comedy Rope Trick by Harry Blackstone

Talk about packing small and playing big, this is the ultimate. You can carry a piece of rope with you and fill a stage if you wish. But this is not just for stage, it plays equally as well for parlor or club shows. This is the famous trick performed by both father and son, Blackstone's Comedy Rope Trick that always brought the house down with laughter.

You will learn every beautiful move and every comedy touch of the master magicians and every innermost thought that made the trick famous. You get detailed illustrated directions enabling you to perform this in your show. Your hands have been...

★★★ $6
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Harry Blackstone
Spirit Dancing Handkerchief by Harry Blackstone

[This is an edited and abridged version of a manuscript originally released by Harry Blackstone Sr. as The Spirit Handkerchief.

A borrowed white handkerchief takes on a life of its own, it moves and dances around the stage as though it has become a real spirit.

Exactly as performed by the great magician (and his successor son)! All the masterful comedy touches. Learn this electrifying effect as only the Blackstone's can perform it. Every beautiful move. Every innermost thought that has made the Spirit Dancing Handkerchief famous. Learn: The handkerchief in the cabinet. Learn: The handkerchief in the bottle. Learn: The handkerchief in the hat. Detailed directions for every move.


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Harry Blackstone
Party Magic by Harry Blackstone

If you want to have a fun magic evening without doing magic this audio CD (or MP3 download) might be for you. You bring this disc to your next party. Put it into your CD player and listen to the instructions of Harry Blackstone. Your friends can follow along and be amazed. You only need readily available things like cards, coins, paper, and pen. Before every trick a piece of music is played. But you can skip these if you wish.

Although the music is not my style and the tricks are not major blockbusters, the experience to hear Harry Blackstone deliver the effects is wonderful. There is a lot...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)