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Party Magic

by Harry Blackstone
[Audio CD]
Party Magic by Harry Blackstone

If you want to have a fun magic evening without doing magic this audio CD might be for you. You bring this disc to your next party. Put it into your CD player and listen to the instructions of Harry Blackstone. Your friends can follow along and be amazed. You only need readily available things like cards, coins, paper and pen. Before every trick a piece of music is played. But you can skip these if you wish.

Although the music is not my style and the tricks are not major blockbusters, the experience to hear Harry Blackstone deliver the effect is wonderful. There is a lot to be learned from this master's intonation and pacing. A piece of history for you to own.

    • Stars & Stripes Forever Merengue
    • A Card Miracle
    • Stairway to the Moon
    • A Ten Card Surprise
    • Abracadabra
    • A Mathematical Discovery
    • Marimba Merengue
    • A Coin Twister
    • My Wild Irish Rose
    • A Matter of Figures
    • Hocus Pocus
    • A Little Nonsense

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