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Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne

(lower east side Manhattan, New York City: 4th May 1926 - )

Professional memory expert. World-famous for his memory systems. Did a Giant Memory act for 20 years in the 1940s-60s. In this field wrote How to Develop a Super-Power Memory (1957, 217pp), which sold 8 million copies in 18 languages; and then 12 others, all best-sellers.

Part-time close-up magician. 1975 IBM Star of Magic award. 1981 AMA Literary Fellowship. 1983 SAM Magician of the Year. 1997 Tannen's "Louie" Award.

Prolific author in magic including Close-up Card Magic (1962, 272pp), Deck-sterity (1967, 160pp), Reputation Makers (1971, 287pp), Volume 7 of The Tarbell Course in Magic (1972, 490pp), Rim Shots (1973, 148pp, which is also a force book where 21st word of every trick is "that"), Afterthoughts (1975, 144pp), The Magic Book (1977), Quantum Leaps (1979, 248pp), Best of Friends (2 vols, 1982, 1985, 559+560pp), Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal (1987, 278pp), and Trendsetters (1990, 275pp). See also Richard Vollmer, The Very Best of Harry Lorayne (1977, in French) and Richard Vollmer, Lorayne on Cards (2 vols, 1979). Edited-wrote Apocalypse.

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Harry Lorayne

My Favorite Card Tricks by Harry LorayneFrom the Foreword:
I sat down and described, in detail, fifteen of my favorite effects and routines with ordinary cards. Effects that you can do anywhere, any time, with any deck and under almost any conditions. Of the fifteen, only four begin with the standard "pick a card" opening.

I've used the same format as I used in Close-Up Card Magic and Personal Secrets - that is, I've gone directly into the method and presentation in most cases. And - since I usually write an effect in one sitting, I most often come up with a thought or two after it is written. Therefore - the "Afterthoughts." Don't overlook...

2016 / 8 / 9

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Harry Lorayne

Personal Secrets by Harry LorayneThis was Harry's second book on card magic where he reveals several of his best routines.

From the introduction:

The effects and routines you’ll find here are some that I purposely left out of my first book on cards, Close-Up Card Magic. Frankly, I had intended to keep them to myself. However, the response to Close-Up Card Magic has been so overwhelming and Lou Tannen has been so persuasive—that I finally acquiesced to putting these in print. That’s the reason for the title, P.S. This is really just an addenda to Close-Up Card Magic.
  • Foreword
  • Four Of A Kind
  • Red and Black Fantasy ...
2015 / 11 / 19

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Harry Lorayne

Deck-Sterity by Harry LorayneThis is mostly an ebook on card magic but it also has a few effects with coins, dollar bills and cigarettes. By far the best routine in the ebook is the "Ten Card Poker Deal". It is a hugely entertaining, dynamic routine in which ten cards culled from the deck are dealt into two poker hands in a multitude of ways, but somehow, the magician's hand always ends up winning. The effect is virtually self-working and Harry's routining turns it into a real reputation maker.

From the Foreword:

Of course, I can't make an entertainer out of you. I can include effects and routines in my books with...
2015 / 7 / 19

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