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Helicopter Card by D. Angelo Ferri

The Helicopter Card was one of Slydini's feature routines and is one of the most fascinating card routines of all time. A freely selected card mysteriously travels from the fan to the table, even though the spectator can check the cards on the table without finding his until the card invisibly flies like a helicopter to the table.

Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, studied for 8 years under Slydini. After several years of apprenticeship, Slydini was willing to teach Dennis this wonderful routine. Dennis will not only explain the mechanics and sleights but also the psychology, choreographed questions, and the patter and its delivery. If you have never been able to learn this routine from books, here is a wonderfully clear and detailed explanation of it in video form which will make it a lot easier to grasp the important points of the routine and not only understand how it works but also why.

Here is a partial performance Dennis did many years ago:

Here is Slydini himself performing it:

1st edition 2023, video 31:30.

Reviewed by John Midgley (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 17 May, 2024

The details that are provided in this explanation I think are crucial to be successful in this rarely performed card effect (and one of my favorites). Bravo to D. Angelo Ferri for this lesson!

Reviewed by george woo (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 06 October, 2023

The Helicopter Card taught by D. Angelo Ferri, IMO is the BEST technical card trick ever! Mr Ferri is a great teacher and goes into a deliberate and careful study of this challenging effect but once mastered will have a special trick that will amuse and confuse all that witness it. Highest Recommendation!