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Hermann Pallme

Hermann Pallme

(London, England: 3rd July 1869 - 1924)

Learned assisting uncle A. Herrmann. Moved to USA in 1889. Took stage name "Herrmann" after his boss's death in 1896. Wrote Entertaining by Magic (1906, 63pp; repr 1910).

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Hermann Pallme
Entertaining by Magic by Hermann Pallme

Not a trick in the ebook, but contains more real information on how to entertain with magic than you can get by reading a hundred others. Gives details so frequently neglected. Invaluable to any magician, for not only must one know how to do tricks, but he must also understand how to make his tricks entertaining.

  • Preface
  • Hermann Pallme
  • Foreword
  • CHAPTER I. History Of Magic
  • CHAPTER II. The Literature Of Magic
  • CHAPTER III. Educational Value Of Magic
  • CHAPTER IV. Magic As A Profession
  • CHAPTER V. The Study And Practice Of Magic
  • CHAPTER VI. Concerning Deportment
  • CHAPTER VII. The Dramatic...
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