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Hindu Gaming Shells
by Eddie Joseph

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Hindu Gaming Shells by Eddie Joseph

This was originally distributed with a couple of gaming shells from India. This ebook does not include any such shells, just the instructions.

Gaming shells are used as a kind of die substitute. Due to their shape, they can land one of two ways. Typically several such shells are cast and then all the ones landing in the same orientation are counted. Several tricks using these shells are explained.

  • The Sure One in Four
  • The Silent Call
  • Mystic Twenty
  • The Coin and the Shell
  • Hypnotising a Matchbox
  • Burning Water
  • The Strange Live Spirit
  • Disproving a Theory
  • Psycho Crime Detection
  • Transmutation
  • Magic Washing
  • Flight into Outer Space
  • Extra Sensory Perception Plus
  • Your Choice
  • Red and White

1st edition 1981, 8 pages; PDF 15 pages.
word count: 5574 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text

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