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Hoodwink by (Benny) Ben Harris
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"I highly recommend this to all of you who are interested in learning a devilishly clever approach to TORN & RESTORED CARD" - Danny Orleans (Genii Magazine)

Hoodwink is based on the author's own effect, "Prime Hole Card" from 1983. It became a best-seller when re-released in 1999. Everyone was concentrating so hard on complex quarter-at-a-time restorations, that Hoodwink, with it's stunning flash restoration, seemed like a breath of fresh air.

Hoodwink is not designed to replace, or to in any way compete with, the fine crop of "quarter by quarter" restorations that are making the rounds. Instead, it approaches the subject from a more oblique angle - choosing not to be "studied and detailed", but rather to be "off-handed and passing".

You tear a card in half, and then restore it. Simple as that.

It is one of those effects that, at the correct moment in time, with just the right delivery, can be a reputation maker. Others may claim the idea behind Hoodwink, but the written record speaks for itself.


  • Use any card
  • No extra pieces
  • Never approach the deck
  • Card may be signed
  • You genuinely tear the card
  • Instant flash restoration

1st edition 1983; re-released in 1999; digital edition 2009; 16 pages.
word count: 1601 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Jamie Daws
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 03 August, 2009

Hoodwink:: First Published 1983 :: 16 Pages

Hoodwink, yet another Torn and Restored handling. With the amount of Torn and Restored effects on the market, it would have to bring something very new or different to the community. Being a card magician, I was looking forward to checking out Ben’s approach to the classic plot. But, after exploring every Torn and Restored plot that I have come across, admittedly, it would be hard to impress me.

Again, as with all of my reviews of Ben’s eBooks, the first thing that really does stand out is the quality of the books. They're just brilliantly put together. The time put into the project is apparent from the second you open the book. With his “Authentication” mark on top of the book so you know you’re getting a quality product.

We slide past the 4-5 pages of copyright declarations once again and finally get to the introduction. The history behind this is yet again very interesting. This is a revisited version of another of Ben’s earlier works “Prime Hole Card”. The development of an effect is, in my opinion very important to get everything just right. Ben has hit the nail right on the head. We move on to the effect.

Now unlike the conventional Torn and Resorted plot, the card is not torn into quarters and restored quarter by quarter. This version see’s the magician tear the card completely in half, display both pieces and in the blink of an eye restore the card. This is the first time we are introduced to the “Flash” restoration which I believe brings a very slick finale to the ending, almost as if the pieces jump together. After viewing a video of this effect online, I must admit to you that I was fooled. Unlike most torn and restored effects, this had such a simple handling and looked so clean. I saw the card being genuinely torn, displayed separately to each other and then in less than a second, it was restored all without anything else being in his hands. Now, that to me seems like a cool handling of Torn and Restored.

The book is well laid out and is incredibly simple. There are Circular photos with lines and nuggets of text to help you along. The handling is incredibly simple and brilliantly clever. I enjoyed how the long drawn out process of 1) tear up the card into quarters 2) display them 3) take 15 minutes just to restore it quarter by quarter. This is replaced by a tear up and one second visual restore. If I were to perform a torn and restored card effect, it would have to be something drastically different or a quick simple presentation much like this. I genuinely enjoyed Ben’s handling of torn and restored and will defiantly use it once or twice. The added value that it is completely impromptu, can use a signed card and has an incredibly deceptive and simplistic handling really helps sell the effect.

Although this is not the most groundbreaking of torn and restored cards, I think it is a brilliant approach to a quick “in and out” handling of the effect that can be performed anytime, anywhere and with any deck of cards with no prior set up. That to me sounds like a winner.

Rating **** 4/5 Stars “A valuable approach to the classic torn and restored plot. A no nonsense, in and out handling that is defiantly to be considered by all serious card magicians.”