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Horace Goldin

Horace Goldin

(Vilna, Poland: 17th December 1873/74 - 22nd August 1939)

Stage name of Hyman Elias Goldstein. Inspired at age 12 watching a gypsy conjurer in Poland. Moved to USA in teens. Learned by tuition from an amateur and later from Albini. Debut at age 23. Top pro illusionist since 1901 when he played the London Palace for 16 weeks. Toured the world since 1901. Played the Paris Alhambra in 1909 and 1911. In Sep 1913 became the 1st magician to play the New York Palace. Toured Australia in 1916 and the USA again in 1920-21. In London played St. George's Hall in 1925 and 1927 and the Palladium in 1931. Noted for his fast-paced style.

Invented Film to Life (1920), Sawing a Woman in Two (1921, inspired by Selbit's Sawing Thru effect), and the Buzz Saw Illusion (1931). President, The Magicians' Club, 1934-39. Died in London. His act was then bought by Cecil Lyle.

Autobio is It's Fun to be Fooled (1937, 286pp). Biographer is Val Andrews, Life, Dull It Ain't (1983). Wrote The Mystery Book (1930) with German translation as Das Buch der Geheimnisse.

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Horace Goldin
Mysterious Tricks by Horace Goldin
  • Introduction
  • A Few Hints
  • Hearing With The Teeth
  • To Cause A Coin To Vanish
  • The Vanishing Ring
  • Another Ring Trick
  • The Penetrating Pennies
  • The Vanishing Handkerchief
  • A Thought-Reading Trick
  • More Thought-Reading
  • The Vanishing Cigarette
  • A Hole In The Sleeve
  • The Four Coins
  • String Magic
  • The Latest Disappearing Sixpence
  • Three Hypnotic Tricks
  • The Candle And Flag Trick
  • Keda
  • "Figaro," Monday, 21st, 1930
  • Your Future Foretold

1st edition 1930, 34 pages; PDF 36 pages.

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