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P. T. Selbit

P. T. Selbit

(17th November 1881 - 19th November 1938)

Born in Hampstead, London. Stage name of Percy Thomas Tibbles since 1898. Learned c1895. Pro illusionist since 1900. Aka 'Joad-Heteb' and 'Joad Heteb' with pseudo-Egyptian act 1902-08. MIMC 1907. Also advertised himself as designer and engraver and illustrated books by Hilliar and Thurston.

Prolific inventor of illusions, including Wrestling Cheese (1912), Walking through a Wall (1914), Sawing through a Woman (1921), Girl without a Middle (1924), Through the Eye of a Needle (1924), and possibly Siberian Chain Escape.

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P. T. Selbit
The Magician's Handbook by P. T. Selbit

The inventor of "sawing a lady in half" has written quite an interesting book. It covers a good range of topics. Particularly the inclusion of fringe fields to magic, such as juggling and black art, makes this book unique. Certainly this is mainly a magic book, so tricks with handkerchiefs, and balls are many to be found as well as several interesting illusions. This book is in one other respect quite different to other books. The table of contents is in alphabetical order. So Selbit has kind of combined contents and index - interesting.

1st edition, 1901, Marshall & Brookes, London; 188...

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