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by Max Francis

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Hospitality by Max Francis

One can, two different drinks.

Hospitality in a can: You pour the complete contents of a can into a glass; the can is now empty. You then place a straw inside the can, and take a sip, just to make sure. In fact, the can is not empty, it now contains a completely different liquid! Pour this 'new' liquid into a glass to amaze spectators.


Cocktail: You turn a cocktail shaker upside down to show that it is empty. Place the lid on the shaker and start to shake it as you would if you were mixing a cocktail. You then take the cap off and start pouring two glasses of cocktail.

  • Use any can
  • Gimmicks are not supplied
[Note: You will need several items, which are not supplied with this video download, to get started, prepare the can and prepare other gimmicks. These additional items are not hard to get, but you will not necessarily have them lying around.]

1st edition 2019, length 29 min


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