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Liquids, Chemicals & Bottles in Magic & Conjuring

Magicians were always among the first to adopt new technologies, such as electricity as in the famous "Heavy Light Chest" invented by Robert-Houdin. Advances in chemistry are no different.

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Imp Smith
Tips on the Foo Can and Funnel by Imp Smith

A collection of proven, tested routines using the Foo Can and Comedy Funnel that will liven up any show.

In the eyes of a spectator, tricks with liquids are always cause for wonder. Since many performers don't feature liquid effects in their act, this presents a golden opportunity for the wide-awake magician.

From the Foreword by T. A. Whitney:

Those who present magic with water, milk, beer, soda pop, etc. will be long remembered by their audiences. And that, my friend, is a strong recommendation for adopting one of these tricks in your repertoire.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction ...
★★★★★ $6
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Michael P. Lair
Drink Magic by Michael P. Lair

Featuring the International Brotherhood of Magicians' originality contest 2009 1st place award-winning entry 'Shrink Drink' plus nine other cool ideas with drinks to add to your magic act.

Ten visual magic effects with cans, bottles, and cups of drinks. All tricks and their complete construction and performance tips are fully explained. Three is something for everyone and several of the effects are so visual that you will enjoy fooling yourself in front of the mirror.

Shrink Drink: The winner of the 2009 IBM originality contest. A 12-oz. can of soda visually shrinks down to half its size....

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Eddie Joseph
Hot Heat by Eddie Joseph

Please note that the chemicals used for this effect are toxic. We provide this ebook for historic and informational purposes only.

This effect has also been marketed under the title "Fascination". A crumpled piece of foil taken from a chocolate wrapper or from a cigarette packet is given to a spectator to hold. The magician strikes a match; he makes hypnotic passes toward the flame of the match and the ball of crumpled paper that the spectator is holding. As he does so, the spectator feels the silver paper getting hotter and hotter until eventually it is so hot that he has to drop it. It's...

★★★★★ $6
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Zaw Shinn
Straw by Zaw Shinn

Vanish a plastic drinking straw.

The vanish is accomplished with a pull. The details of the hookup and presentation are taught in the video.

1st edition 2023, video 10 min.

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MP4 (video)

Sultan Orazaly
Fantastic by Sultan Orazaly

The impossible appearance of a pen in a bottle.

Show an empty plastic bottle and suddenly a big sharpie pen materializes inside the bottle. Dump the pen out and show it.

Note that this has very bad angles and can only successfully be performed in front of a camera or one stationary viewer. Great for YouTube and video chats but not an item performable with a live audience. Gimmick is easy to make.

1st edition 2022, video 8:52.

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Zaw Shinn
Coke by Zaw Shinn

The magician draws a coke can on the back of a playing card. With a wave of his hand, the card changes to a real coke can.

Please note that this only works from a very narrow viewing angle and thus can only be successfully performed when a camera is between the performer and the spectator which allows precise control of the viewing direction. The gimmick is easy to make.

1st edition 2022, video 13:11

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David Sam
Coin Through Bottle by David Sam

Borrow a coin from a spectator, have the coin signed, and then have the coin penetrate a filled water bottle. The coin that magically enters the water bottle is truly the borrowed and signed coin. There is no switch of the coin. There is no duplicate coin. The coin that is given to you is the one that ends up inside the water bottle.

The water bottle is gimmicked in a novel way. The video demonstrates how the bottle needs to be gimmicked. It is not that hard to do, but it will require some care and supplies you may not have around the house. Once the coin has entered the bottle, the bottle...

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Visual Card in Bottle by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A spectator selects a card (yes, this is a force) and magically the card appears inside a sealed bottle. The bottle can be handed out as souvenir.

Ralf explains in detail how the gimmick is made, works, and is deployed. You will need some supplies you will likely not have lying around the house, but these are all easy to get. This is meant for parlor or stage use. You will need about 3 meters distance to the spectators.

1st edition 2021, video 24 min.

★★★★★ $14
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MP4 (video)

Floyd Gerald Thayer
Thayer's Complete Bar Act by Floyd Gerald Thayer

The complete inside dope on the Magic Bar Act and Soda Fountain Act where you can pour a seemingly endless number of tasty drinks from a single bottle.

Here's a swell addition to your regular act - a routine that appeals to most any audience. For adults, you pour whiskey, beer, sloe gin fizz, a vodka martini - and other drinks - which are then served to your audience. And, unlike other inexhaustible bottle routines, this isn't colored water; the drinks actually have flavor and are refreshing. Perform it on a regular nightclub floor. Or do it behind the bar at your local watering hole. You'll...

★★★ $8
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Robert Matthews
Glass Through Hat by Robert Matthews

Here's a great club effect, where you are seen to pass a glass of water (or other liquid) through a handkerchief-covered hat. But wait! You can repeat it, which will blow away lay audiences and magicians alike.

The author's pet trick is revealed here, which uses no expensive dealer apparatus. Plus, he provides two methods, allowing you to repeat the effect, should you be called upon to do so. Sound good so far? What if we told you that this popular mystery can be performed impromptu? Now that would be real magic.

In this well-illustrated booklet, Matthews provides the step-by-step process...

★★★★ $6
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Arthur Ainslie
Water Wizardry by Arthur Ainslie

Magical experiments with liquids.

    • The Impossible
    • "An Old One"
    • A Quaint Mixture
    • The Shower Bath
    • A Steady Hand
    • In the Soup
    • On the Edge
  • CHAPTER II LITTLE TRICKS - (continued)
    • Topsy Turvy
    • A Sporting Offer
    • A Feat of Dexterity
    • More Than Full
    • The Obedient Corks
    • A Peculiar Egg
    • The Suspended Mug
    • The Sticky Glass
    • Feat Of Dexterity
    • The Floating Pin
    • Washing a Card
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Jerry Clowin
New Way Golf Ball in Glass by Jerry Clowin

Jerry Clowin has made a significant improvement to the method published in Golf Ball in Glass. It builds on that same basic method, but introduces an important refinement which allows you to overcome a bigger difference between golf ball diameter and jar opening. With this new method it is much less of a hit and miss, and the search for the proper jars has become a lot easier, too.

Besides safety equipment (safety glasses and gloves) you will need in particular three tools to accomplish this task. One tool pretty much every normal household has. The second tool is found in most workshops, the last one you...

★★★★ $19.90
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MP4 (video)

Mario Tarasini
Flick: coin into bottle by Mario Tarasini

Effect: Show an empty bottle and a coin. Visually toss a coin in to the bottle and the coin will melt through it. The bottle is then handed to the spectator for inspection and to keep. Spectator cannot find any holes or gimmicks. Also, you can do this effect with a bottle full of water or any drink. Requires two gimmicks which are easy to prepare.

1st edition 2020, length 3 min 51 s

★★★★ $14.99
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MP4 (video)

Brick Tilley
Legacy: Yin Yang Pot by Brick Tilley

The effect is foolproof, self-contained and easy to perform. Want something different that sets you apart from others presenting standard feats? Here's your chance. Too easy for words. This unique teapot is capable of pouring numerous glasses of different colored sodas and finishes up with a glass of milk or coffee. The teapot can be purchased online.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 1 min 7 s.

★★★★★ $10
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Brick Tilley
Spirit Slate by Brick Tilley

The Davenport Brothers caused a sensation in the last century by seeming to contact spirits. Leaving messages on blank slates was a common method of achieving this. Flaps, magnets and switching were among the ways to achieve results. Here is your chance to reproduce this phenomenon using an ordinary craft store slate, and a piece of chalk. A blank slate is cleaned as it is shown. Yet a bold chalk message appears without any cover or false moves. A stunning effect that startles onlookers. Easy to perform.

1st edition 2019, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Max Francis
Hospitality by Max Francis

One can, two different drinks.

Hospitality in a can: You pour the complete contents of a can into a glass; the can is now empty. You then place a straw inside the can, and take a sip, just to make sure. In fact, the can is not empty, it now contains a completely different liquid! Pour this 'new' liquid into a glass to amaze spectators.


Cocktail: You turn a cocktail shaker upside down to show that it is empty. Place the lid on the shaker and start to shake it as you would if you were mixing a cocktail. You then take the cap off and start pouring two glasses of cocktail....

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MP4 (video)

Carl Haist & T. A. Whitney
Beer Bottle Bafflers by Carl Haist & T. A. Whitney

25 tricks, tips and routines designed for the Nielsen, Weller, or other rubber vanishing/appearing bottle.

If you own a rubber beer, cola or ketchup bottle, this is the book for you. From the 1940s to now, there have been thousands upon thousands of rubber beer, soda and ketchup bottles sold. While it is effective just to wad up the (supposedly) glass bottle in a paper bag and toss it offstage, you can do so much more with it. And that's the purpose of this informative ebook.

You would indeed be fortunate to somehow locate and afford a copy of the hard to find, out of print first edition...

★★★★★ $5
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Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney
35 Miracles with a Mirror Glass by Ulysses Frederick Grant & T. A. Whitney

Here are 35 miracles you can perform with this most handy magical accessory. T. A. Whitney teams up with U. F. Grant to bring you nearly three dozen amazing magical tricks, routines and twists using the mirror glass. Productions, vanishes, transformations, mental effects and more are all described in patient detail, enabling you to add color, flash and mystery to your performances.

Partial Contents

  • Magic Cigarette Maker
  • All the Tea in China
  • Enchanted Necklace
  • Comedy Necklace Trick
  • A Knotty Problem
  • Parade of Silks
  • Instant Shopping
  • Ring on Ribbon
  • The Changing Card
  • Two Card Monte...
★★★ $3
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Brick Tilley
Glass Production by Brick Tilley

The production of a glass of liquid from under a hat as performed by Jimmy Haviland, called the last of the street conjurors, in 1986. Includes a video tutorial.

1st edition 2019, PDF + video

★★★★★ $10
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Ray Roch
The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch

A very well constructed method and routine for the classic coin in the bottle effect which does use a solid coin.

Even though there are many good routines, they all seem to have flaws. Most detrimental is the fact that a folding coin’s elastic band can break at an inopportune time, and another problem is that whenever a performer has to access a pocket to retrieve or ditch a coin it becomes a suspicious move.

These problems are dealt with nicely during Ray Roch’s Impossible coin in the Bottle routine. The hands never leave the performance area and always remain in sight. A solid coin...

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Sam Hoang
Magic Bottle by Sam Hoang

Please note that the instructions are purely visual with some captions, but no spoken instructions.

This preparation allows you to literally throw a coin, or other small objects, into a closed bottle. Bottle is gimmicked.

1st edition 2018, length 11 min 33 s.

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MP4 (video)

W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight
Zenith Spirit Manifestation by W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight

This was designed to fool both skeptics and magicians. This is one of the most stunning mediumistic stunts ever devised. It was developed and used by the old school mediums. It was so unbelievable; it fooled reporters, skeptics and magicians. A medium who could be searched and placed into a darkened room could cause a spirit to materialize in full view, without the aid of any secret assistants. This could be done in anyone's home.

The amazing thing was that this was accomplished without luminous cardboard props, luminous cheesecloths, luminous paint or other props sold by Nelson Enterprises....

★★★★ $3
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Scott Xavier
Signed Card to Bottle by Scott Xavier

This is one of my dream effects. This takes the card to impossible location theme and stands it on it's head. A signed card is found inside a sealed bottle of liquor, wine, beer, or water. The choice is yours. It leaves the audience with a moment of real magic that they can keep forever. You will create a keepsake that will leave your name on the audience's minds. I have used this method to guarantee repeat performances for Fortune 500 companies from Kellogg to Harley-Davidson. This is a reputation maker!

1st edition 2018, 8 pages.

★★★★★ $12
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Jeffery Atkins
The Magic Kettle by Jeffery Atkins

Any drink called for. If you have ever seen Steve Cohen perform it you will know how strong an effect this can be.

  • Introduction
  • The Origin of the Effect
  • Hit or Miss
  • The First Magic Kettle
  • Devant's Drinks!
  • Chris Charlton
  • Woodward's Wonder Bar
  • The Properties
  • The Bar
  • The Kettle
  • Tankards
  • The Glasses
  • The Set-up
  • Double Check
  • The Presentation
  • A Preface to the Effect
  • A Quick Drink!
  • Drinks from the Kettle
  • An Advantage
  • Pace!
  • Beer Here!
  • Ready for the Switch
  • Drinks for All!
  • Something for the Children!
  • Notes and Observations
  • Another 'Out'
  • Economy! ...
★★★★ $12
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
AirCap by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

With this prepared bottle you can twist off the cap, and place the cap literally in the air - it floats - while pouring the liquid into a glass.

Any plastic bottle can be prepared. At the end you can hand out the bottle and the cap for examination!

This effect was designed for stand up and parlor magic.

1st edition 2017, length 18min 20s

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MP4 (video)

Ken de Courcy
The Blood Feast of the Sun by Ken de Courcy

Ken de Courcy and Billy McComb took an old chemical effect, figured out the secret that makes it work reliably, and worked out all the other kinks, to make it ready for real world performances. The effect reads like one from Lubor Fiedler.

Effect: The magician introduces a circle of yellow tissue paper and hands it to a spectator to crumple into a ball. He receives it back then, holding it at his fingertips, concentrates on it for a few moments. The tissue ball is placed on an ashtray then ... it suddenly bursts into flames and burns away.

PDF 6 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Brick Tilley
The Enchanted Watering Can by Brick Tilley

This is one of the oldest and best tricks from China. Water appears in an empty can, is poured out into a cup, and poured back into the can, only to mysteriously return to the cup.

1st edition 2017, PDF 4 pages + videos 1:54.

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Cursed by Sandeep

Cursed includes two effects:

1) Cursed Bottle: Borrow a bottle and let them examine it. Close the cap of the bottle and let spectator hold the bottle. Now cause the bottle to unscrew itself on your command while spectator is holding the cap.

2) Cursed Cap: Cause the cap of the bottle to unscrew itself on your command. You can stop the movement when you wish.

  • Spectator holds it during the effect
  • Everything is under your control
  • Everything is examinable
  • Easily constructable gimmick
  • No Magnets, rubbers or electronics

1st edition 2017, length 9 min 45 s

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MP4 (video)

Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Label Flash by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A bottle label magically penetrates the glass and is attached on the inside of the bottle.

Effect: Write down a prediction, for example a playing card. Since you have no piece of paper you write the prediction on the label of a cola bottle. Then have a spectator take a card from your deck (yes folks, you will need to force the card). And then reveal that you have correctly predicted the card. To give the spectator a little souvenir you sign the bottle label. On further thought you want to make it even more special. Take out your lighter, burn the label and suddenly the label with the prediction...

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MP4 (video)

Brick Tilley
Mermade by Brick Tilley

A curious effect from the Philippines, circa 1946. A paper cut-out of a man and a bowl both cling to the wall in a mysterious manner. The bowl is filled with water and a lighted candle floats in it, creating an elegant display. Requires a setup and a gimmick - all explained in this ebook.

1st edition 2017, 5 pages.

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Brick Tilley
Elegant Scarecrows by Brick Tilley

Four Oriental Mysteries using water in ways that will set you apart from other magicians.

  • The Water Act (Bundar Boat Fountain, Hindu street trick from Bombay, 1907; see video below)
  • Spouting Water Bowl
  • Water Bowls
  • Chinese Water Cups (see below for a demo)

1st edition 2016, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Nguyen Long
Invisible Fish by Nguyen Long

Please note that this video is in Vietnamese. There are some English subtitles, but for the most part you will get the instructions of how to make the gimmick and how to perform with it from the visual contents of the video.

A fish mysteriously appears in a glass.

1st edition 2016, length 15 minutes.

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MP4 (video)

Nguyen Long
Fly by Nguyen Long

Please note that this video is in Vietnamese. There are some English subtitles, but for the most part you will get the instructions of how to make the gimmick and how to perform with it from the visual contents of the video.

Levitate small objects inside a water bottle or under a cup.

1st edition 2016, length 19 minutes.

★★★★ $9.75
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MP4 (video)

Edward A. Litzau
How It's Done by Edward A. Litzau

Available again at last. This privately printed gem contains the real work for some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks that the world has ever seen. Even the infamous luminous reader formula is explained, as is an easy method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer!

Best of all, this revised edition includes modern alternatives to the chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop.

"Your Red Daub is very fine. I find that Daub is the secret of the...

★★★★★ $20
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Bao Ninh
Bottle Magic by Bao Ninh

Please note that this video is in Vietnamese with sparse English subtitles. However, even without understanding Vietnamese one can follow the visual explanation to construct the gimmick.

Approach a spectator while holding a bottle of water. Ask to borrow any small object and visually melt their object through the walls of your water bottle. The possibilities are endless. Borrow coins, keys, playing cards, even a goldfish. There are so many possibilities, you will be coming up with great ideas in no time. Included in the Bottle Magic download: you will be taught how to make the special bottle...

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MP4 (video)

Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Soft Spot: Signed Corner in Glass Bottle by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Make any signed corner melt through a glass bottle.

Imagine this. You show a complete empty glass bottle (real glass) and make a signed corner from the label of the bottle, playing card, banknote, business card etc. melt through the glass - only by a small wave of your fingertips. It's really inside the bottle! No magnets, no slits, no trapdoors and no duplicates.

  • You make the gimmick in under two minutes
  • Works with any bottle
  • The corner is ripped and signed by the spectator
  • Perform completely surrounded

1st edition 2016, length 20 min.

★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

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