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Houdini's Book of Magic and Party Pastimes
by Harry Houdini

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Houdini's Book of Magic and Party Pastimes by Harry Houdini

Fascinating puzzles, tricks and mysterious stunts.

It starts with a short biography of Harry Houdini and then has a series of simple magic tricks and party stunts. Each one is described with an illustration and a few words of explanation.

  • The Disappearing Coin
  • The Balanced Quarter
  • A Good Trick With Glasses
  • Try This On Your Friends
  • Ring On A String
  • The Magnetic Hand
  • A Clever Cork Trick
  • The Climbing Ring
  • This Trick Will Fool You
  • The Mysterious Match
  • A Trick For Bridge Players
  • A Knot That Will Mystify
  • Try This On A Friend
  • Try This At A Party
  • Which Cards Are Turned?
  • An Amazing Experiment
  • The Mysterious Pencil
  • The Vanishing Coin
  • Can You Draw This?
  • Try To Draw This
  • A Sum In Addition
  • Not Like School
  • The Obedient Matches
  • A Clever Match Trick
  • The Magic String
  • Which Way Will It Roll?
  • Get The Watch Out
  • Try This One: It's Easy
  • Industrious Bookworm
  • Can You Figure It Out?
  • Half Of Twelve Is - ?
  • The Magnetized Cane
  • Take String Off Scissors
  • How To Make Steel Float
  • Amusing Card Trick
  • Try To Get Loose
  • Try This On A Friend
  • Try This Illusion
  • A Match Puzzle
  • A Match Trick
  • A Steady Hand For This
  • A Clever Card Trick
  • Tear The Napkin
  • Getting The String Off
  • Yes, It's Impossible
  • The Handkerchief Trick
  • Try To Do It
  • Spin The Coin
  • A Good Match Trick
  • Easy But Startling
  • The Magic Match Box
  • Try This On A Friend
  • The Card And Dime Tricks
  • The Mysterious Dime
  • A Visiting Card Stunt
  • The Tumbler Trick
  • Making The Bridge
  • The Match Trick
  • Can You Draw This?
  • The Match Problem
  • A Clever Coin Trick
  • An Old Favorite
  • Solutions
1st edition 1927, PDF 71 pages.
word count: 6194 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text