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How To Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory

by Robert H. Nutt
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How To Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory by Robert H. Nutt

This classic work on memory, first published in 1943, is really two books in one!

The first part, The Mental Filing System, will teach you how to keep up to 100 things straight in your memory. This is taught in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, using many real-world examples of both the benefits of using the system, as well as the dangers of an untrained memory.

The author taught many of his memory courses in person, and this provides both value and a good knowledge of the questions you're likely to have.

The second part, How To Remember Names and Faces, deals in detail with the problem most of us face and would like to overcome. This section begins with an evaluation of how well you currently recall names and faces.

After the evaluation, you then learn how to lock both names and face effectively into your memory. Initially, you're given photographs of specific people with advice on how to remember the names and the details of their faces. As you progress, however, you meet more and more people, and will begin to rely on your own judgement, creativity and memory.

By the end of the exercises, you'll be able to recall the names of 35 people solely by looking at their faces! Even better, you'll have the confidence to start using this skill in the real world.

1st edition 1943, 143 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: The Mental Filing System
  2. -Chapter 1: The Secret of Mental Filing System That Really Works
  3. -Chapter 2: How to Get Your First Five Mental Hooks
  4. -Chapter 3: Lets Start First With Something Simple
  5. -Chapter 4: Making Your Own Mental Images
  6. -Chapter 5: How to Remember What You Read
  7. -Chapter 6: Five More Keys That Unlock Memory
  8. -Chapter 7: What Must I Remember to Do Today?
  9. -Chapter 8: How Will I Remember to Remember?
  10. -Chapter 9: Five Little Words That Increase Your Memory by a Third
  11. -Chapter 10: A Shopping List a Woman Cant Forget
  12. -Chapter 11: How Salesmen Sell Their Memories for Cash
  13. -Chapter 12: The Art of Forgetting the Right Things
  14. -Chapter 13: Case History of a Memory and How It Grew
  15. -Chapter 14: How to Speak in Public Without Notes
  16. -Chapter 15: Baiting Your Mental Hooks for Better Writing
  17. -Chapter 16: The Cost Of Forgetting the Wrong Things
  18. -Chapter 17: The Student Remembers Through School and College
  19. -Chapter 18: How to Remember Numbers
  20. -Chapter 19: English Furniture
  21. -Chapter 20: Interesting Facts And How to Recall Them

  22. Part 2: How To Remember Names and Faces
  23. -Chapter 1: How Good Is Your Memory for Names and Faces?
  24. -Chapter 2: There’s Gold In Those Names
  25. -Chapter 3: How to Get The Name Straight
  26. -Chapter 4: The Kind of Repetition that Raps It In
  27. -Chapter 5: Fastening Faces in Your Mind
  28. -Chapter 6: What's In a Name-To Remember It By?
  29. -Chapter 7: Meet Three Ladies and Twelve Gentle-men
  30. -Chapter 8: A Lesson In Mistaken Identity
  31. -Chapter 9: Ten New Faces All At Once
  32. -Chapter 10: The Simple Secret of Remembering People In Groups
  33. -Chapter 11: Now You're Ready to go on Your Own!
  34. -Chapter 12: Round up
  35. -Chapter 13: Fun With Names and Faces

word count: 27671 which is equivalent to 110 standard pages of text
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