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by Arthur Herzog

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Imortalon by Arthur Herzog

A prize-winning scientist has a formula to conquer aging but it's stolen and becomes a blockbuster drug, Imortalon, which produces negative effects.

It was possibly the discovery of a lifetime: a drug that would reverse the effects of aging, seemingly indefinitely. The tests were all positive, first on rats, then monkeys and other large animals, and finally, on humans. It was a dream come true, the promise of a healthy, happy life, with all the benefits of youthfulness, including energy, vitality, and sex drive, for 200+ years or more. Tens of millions clamored to be among the first to take the drug.

The FDA approved the drug in record time. Before anyone found out about the headaches, the uncontrollable rage, the suicides…the dream was becoming a nightmare….
word count: 57377 which is equivalent to 229 standard pages of text