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Impossible Card Flights
by Devin Knight

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Impossible Card Flights by Devin Knight

Note: You will need to purchase a special deck of cards from a magic dealer described in this PDF.

Read every word closely, as this is an accurate description. A new effect never done before, designed by Devin Knight to close both his stage and close-up shows. In the audience's mind it is mind-shattering effect that defies explanation. Imagine sending a selected card backward in time and proving it! This is something your audiences have not seen and is so strong it has to be a show closer as nothing can follow it.

A VIP is invited to come forward; this could be the president of the club or the CEO of a corporation. He brings with him a large envelope the performer mailed him 30 days ago, that is still sealed, as the performer called him and said not to open it, until the show. He has signed his name (at home) on the envelope to ensure it cannot be switched. The envelope he brings forward is 30 days old and even has the postmark on it. This envelope is never touched by the magician or anyone else, even secretly prior to the performance.

Another person comes forward (not a stooge) and selects a card from a deck of cards. The spectator tears off a corner and retains it, once he has torn it off. The corner is never given to magician. The spectator keeps it once he tears it off. There is no switch of the corner, the corner he keeps is the same one he tore off, believe it or not. The performer shows a note he printed beforehand. These are instructions telling his past self to mail this card to the president of the club and to call him and tell him not to open the envelope until the future show date.

The performer takes the selected card (minus the torn corner) and folds it into quarters with the note folded inside the card. He places the folded card under an ungimmicked handkerchief and says the will send the card back in time 30 days prior to himself. The handkerchief is shown empty, the card is gone.

The performer says 30 days earlier, a folded playing card with a note inside mysteriously appeared in his pocket. The note said to mail the card to the head of the club and to call him and tell him not to open it until tonight's show.

The performer says he unfolded the card and wrapped it in a piece from that day's newspaper and mailed it to the president of the club. The president of the club verifies that the envelope he has, was received 30 days ago and that no one has touched it, but him, since he received it.

While on stage, the VIP opens the envelope (not the performer). Inside is a folded sheet of newspaper. The date of the paper is 30 days ago. Inside the newspaper is a playing card that was folded, as the crease marks are there. It is the same card the other spectator selected! The spectator gives the corner the tore off to the VIP and the VIP finds the corner is a perfect match and is indeed the corner that was torn off the card, proving this is indeed the same card the performer just vanished and apparently sent to the past.

No explanation seems possible, except that the card was actually sent back in time.

BONUS: Includes a bonus effect where a selected card is teleported into an empty tin box that the VIP marked so it couldn't be switched and sealed it a week ago so nothing could get inside without breaking the seals. It was then baked inside a loaf of bread (in his presences) so it could not be tampered with and the bread is left with the VIP.

The bread is brought to the show by the VIP, a card is selected and a corner is torn off that the performer does not touch! The performer causes the card to disappear and without the performer going near the bread, the VIP carefully rips it apart to find the empty tin he sealed a week earlier. Inside that tin, is now the selected card missing a corner and the torn corner matches it, even though the performer never touches the torn corner after it was torn off. A tremendous feat of teleportation. one-man effect, no stooge used.

Comes with full directions no switch of the corner! Every nuance is covered telling you step-by-step how to do these impossible card feats.

1st edition 2017, 13 pages.
word count: 4585 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text