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Mar-Jah's Publicity Miracles
by Joseph Ovette


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Mar-Jah's Publicity Miracles by Joseph Ovette

WARNING: This ebook will get you noticed. If you want to live in anonymity and obscurity, this is not the book for you.

All the great performers relied on publicity - so should you. Get your name and photo in the newspapers, TV and on Internet media sites using the attention-getting stunts in this book. No matter whether you're a mentalist, magician, illusionist, juggler, comedian, or any other type of entertainer. You need a constant barrage of publicity and "buzz" to ensure that your shows are well-attended.

Working pro Joe Ovette reveals the inside secrets to getting reporters to write glowing articles about you and your act ... for free! As the mentalist Mar-Jah, Ovette was a master at obtaining press coverage for his mind-blowing feats. Now he reveals how to "milk" your stunts and effects to generate a crowd of onlookers and reporters to create a sensation wherever you go.

This book includes not only tips and suggestions from seasoned pros, but is chock full of practical mental magic, illusions, escapes and sensational effects as used by Mar-Jah, Alexander, Chandra, and others. Just look what's included:

  • Impromptu stunts to get you booked
  • Death-defying street illusions
  • Lecture for Slate Test
  • Seeing Through Metal
  • Blindfold Letter Delivery Test
  • Superior Blindfold
  • Subtle Coin Blindfold
  • Sensational Psychic Vision Test
  • Impromptu Blindfold Test
  • Hookups and Exploitation for Blindfold Drive
  • Super Blindfold Drive
  • An Unusual Publicity Feat
  • Ready-Aim-Fire!
  • Famous Living Burial
  • A Feature Torture Device
  • Gone in Flames Cremation
  • A New Rope Release
  • Medium's Lightning Rope Release
  • Ovette's Strangulation Tie
  • The Human Radio
  • Sensational Prison Cell Escape (by James Harto)
  • Substitution Street Mystery
  • The Upside-Down Straitjacket Escape
  • The Challenge Test
  • Impromptu Restoration
  • Publicity Rope Restoration
  • Miracle Book Test
  • Automatic Book Test
  • Impromptu Day of the Week Calculation
  • Cigarette Mental Test
  • Second Sight Trio
  • Psychic Publicity Stunt (Spirit Violin)
  • Master Telephone Test
  • Newspaper Office Stunt
  • A Message from Julius Zancig
  • Telepathy De Luxe
  • A Simple Card Code
  • Superior Blackboard Feat
  • Tolypsychromancy (with Dr. Elliott's improvement)
  • Master One-Man Mindreading Act
And that's just a partial list of the effects and publicity-generating stunts included in this giant volume. There's also an entire chapter on the advertising materials used by all entertainers. Examples of actual posters, bills and heralds used to announce the upcoming performance are given. Newspaper tie-ups are covered in detail, which is another great way to obtain free publicity and ensure a packed house.

Included, for the first time in any book, is the routine and method of Alexander ("The Man Who Knows) for his Supreme Thought Projection act.

Editor B. W. McCarron includes a section on press releases, providing a valuable primer for entertainers that will get your notices published. Learn the secrets that big companies use to have their advertising copy turned into news to create buzz ... and it won't cost you any more than the cost of a stamp.

The book has been massively rewritten and updated, with scores of edits, corrections updates, and additional illustrations. Completely reset in new type for easy reading.

1st edition 1928, 1st digital edition 2017. 185 pages.
word count: 44366 which is equivalent to 177 standard pages of text