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Impossible Number Divination Instantly Anywhere
by Unknown Mentalist

#2 Mentalism & Spiritism author
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Impossible Number Divination Instantly Anywhere by Unknown Mentalist


This is a physical product that will be shipped to you and comes with PDF instructions that can be downloaded immediately from your digital shelf. Along with the instructions PDF, you also get a set of 4 specially designed, high quality, gloss laminated postcard sized (about 4 inches x 6 inches) gimmicks which seemingly contain 'psychological tests' on both sides of the cards on how colors and numbers are perceived by the human brain. With reasonable care, this set of cards should last you many years.


  1. You invite a participant to take part in an interesting demonstration.
  2. As an intro you perform a 'psychological test' related to color perception by the human brain which will be very interesting to the participant.
  3. You also perform another 'psychological test' as a warm-up to gauge color perception ability of the participant.
  4. You ask the participant to freely and silently choose any color from VIBGYOR.
  5. You then ask the participant to choose any random 7-digit number from among the seemingly hundreds of possibilities on the cards.
  6. This is a completely free choice and there is no force at all.
  7. Instantly you start reading the mind of the participant.
  8. And you deliver about 9 hits in a row.
  9. And you also reveal the aura color of the participant which surprisingly matches the color chosen by the participant earlier.
  10. The amazement of the participant will be complete.
  11. You use only 3 out of the 4 cards provided for the above effect.
  12. The 4th card has yet another impossible number divination routine built-in which has a completely different method and presentation.


Impossible Number Divination Instantly Anywhere is suitable for close up, street, parlor, walk around, virtual shows on zoom, facebook, youtube etc.


  1. You need to practice a few times before jumping into live performances.
  2. There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges.
  3. There are no progressive anagrams, no secret writings, no one aheads.
  4. This method works in any language.
  5. There is no dual reality, no reframes, no psy forces.
  6. No arts n crafts or diy is needed and there is nothing to reset.
  7. The postcards themselves are completely examinable.
  8. The cards can be freely handled by both performer and participants before, during and after the performance.
  9. There is no tearing or switching and nothing is spoken or written down.
  10. All the routines are self working and easy to learn and perform.

1st edition 2022, gimmick + PDF 24 pages.

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