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Impromptu Lie Detector
by Mark Leveridge

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Impromptu Lie Detector by Mark Leveridge

This is a straightforward version of the classic Lie Detector routine that can be performed with any deck (even a borrowed one) and with no advance setup.

A deck is shuffled by a spectator to put the cards into a genuinely random order, and the performer then extracts one card which he leaves sight unseen in view on the table. The magician then asks a spectator three questions about the tabled card, and the helper is invited to make up his answers (since he doesn't know at this stage what the tabled card actually is). Whatever answers the participant gives, the performer spells the word by taking a card from the top of the deck for each letter. After the final reply has been spelled, the card finally arrived at is placed next to the tabled one. When they are turned over they are seen to be a matching colour and number pair (i.e two red tens, or two black eights etc).

No sleight of hand required, just a regular deck and some low cunning. This is strong impromptu card magic that is perfect for off-the-cuff performances.

video 8:52.

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