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Improved Invisible Deck by Devin Knight

Note: These are PDF instructions to make your own deck. You will NOT get a deck mailed.

#1 In The Super Deck Series

"I can say that it is absolutely brilliant!" - Cody S. Fisher

This is the invisible deck on steroids and many magicians are saying this will make the old invisible deck obsolete and everyone will want this new and improved version. It allows you do things not possible with the standard invisible deck such as showing the deck on BOTH SIDES - showing both faces and backs. Now that we have your attention, read on.

There is only ONE DECK used and it is in full view from the start.

THE EFFECT: The invisible deck is one of magic's biggest sellers. Almost every magician owns one. Unfortunately, a lot of lay people own them too, since they are sold in public magic shops and amusement parks. Not to worry, this new version will fool the kids who say, "I have one of those," and knock your magic buddies off their feet when you show both the front and back of the deck!

There is only ONE DECK used and it is in full view from the start. Tell your spectators that you took a deck and placed it behind your back. You reversed one card and stuck it back into the deck. You do not know the name of the card you reversed, because you don't want someone to read your mind. You want a person to name the card and determine it by their own psychic abilities. You place the deck on the table in full view.

Ask anyone to name a card. There are no restrictions, play on words, or magician's choices. No Equivoque. The person can name any one of the 52 cards. The performer immediately picks up the deck that has been in full view and spreads the cards face up, showing one card face down. He spreads through the entire deck showing all the other cards are face up. He puts the face down card on the table. He points out that this is the only card reversed in the deck.

He then turns the deck face down and spreads through all the cards showing them all face down!

The face down card on the table is turned over and it is the named card! Baffling beyond words!

  • No forces
  • No sleights of any kind
  • Easy to do
  • Only one deck used
  • Any card can be named
  • Face down card is not switched
  • No long and short cards
  • Only 52 cards in the deck. No half/half printed cards, or specially printed cards of any kind.
  • Uses R&S but in a different way than in the usual invisible deck
Remember the deck can be spread from front to back showing all faces, flipped over and spread from front to back showing all backs.

Resets immediately so you can do this for strolling magic. No sleights or skill needed. This is actually easier to do than the standard invisible deck. An ingenious method that will amaze you.

Two different handlings are included, including a version where the deck is removed from the case face down and spread showing face down cards and then flipped over to show one reverse card in the spread.

NOTE: If you had trouble in the past trying to do an invisible deck because you could not show the reverse card without fumbling because of your skin texture, then rejoice. This new deck solves that problem, you can instantly show any card reversed with no fumbling or trying to separate rough cards.

This deck does not use standard roughing fluid. To construct this deck you will need to buy or own a roughing stick sold by dealers or Science Friction spray or Plasti Dip spray sold in hardware stores and on

1st edition 2015, 16 pages.
word count: 4524 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Tony Kent (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 12 April, 2022

One of the best-gaffed decks because the routine with this deck is something the spectator will remember. Also, this PDF teaches not only how to improve the deck over the ones that can be bought. This is a real winner.