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by Nathaniel

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Influence by Nathaniel

The magician explains that a pack of cards includes 52 different values, and one of these card values he had imprinted in the spectators mind.

He tells the spectator that he should think about different cards. He shouldn’t take the first that comes in his mind. During the whole process the spectator is free to change his selection, so that everything is fair and without forcing a certain card.

The magician takes a closed pack of cards and a thick black marker. He draws the outline of a playing card on the back of the card-box. He shows this outline and announces that he will now draw the card, which is imprinted in the spectators mind.

After that he puts the marker aside (as from now he won’t draw anything, neither openly nor secretly). His prediction is definitively drawn.

Now he opens the card-box and removes slowly one card after the other. Every card is shown to the spectator. Even at this point in time the spectator could still change his mind about his card. No matter how the spectator decides and no matter how often he changes his selection (and he really could wait until the last card from the box is shown), in the moment of his final decision to take the card which is actually shown, the magician turns the card-box over and they will see exactly the same card drawn at the card box which was chosen by the spectator.

This ebook is also available in German: Influence (German)

1st edition 2008; 20 pages.
word count: 2637 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text

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