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by Daniel Madison


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Identity by Daniel Madison

A collection of Daniel Madisons' creations, props, gimmicks, gaffs and effects that you can make and develop within minutes: 1 ebook; 11 effects; over 40 variations; 90 pages of modern magic.

  • Irreversible - The invisible deck that the performer never touches. Irreversible allows you to force any card without ever having to touch the deck. A fair prediction is made and shown to all but the participating spectator, who is given the deck to shuffle the cards before turning a card face down in the deck held behind their back. The face down card is revealed to match the prediction.
    • Works 100% without risk of failing
    • The deck can be checked and used as a normal deck
    • No fake writing gimmicks
    • Self working - No sleights required
    Includes instructions on how to make the Irreversible deck
  • Irreversible ‘Tu - Now you can perform irreversible with a borrowed deck. Designed to offer you Irreversible without the use of the special deck.
  • Memento - Demonstrate how you can successfully psychologically force any playing card on anybody with 100% accuracy. With memento, you prove your psychological skills by mentally forcing a playing card on the spectator by the means of a key word (of your choice). The freely named card is found to be the only card in the deck permanently marked with the key word, all other cards are shown to be unmarked.
    • Works 100% without risk of failing
    • No fake writing or marking the deck mid performance
    • The spectator will always name the forcing card
    Includes instructions on how to make the Memento deck as well as a powerful method which allows you to perform all the included effects without the special deck.
  • 212215 - A pure mentalist version of memento. 212215 merges memento with the brainwave principal and opens up a pure mentalist effect through witch the freely named card is the only blue-backed card in the deck.
  • Cut - Force any card on any spectator without ever touching the deck. The deck is shuffled and handed to the spectator, the spectator cuts the deck anywhere, the performer, with his back turned or eyes closed, or both will always know which card has been cut with out any need to look at the deck.
    • Works 100% without risk of failing
    • No peeking of any kind
    • Can be used as a prediction effect
    • Self working - No sleights required
    Rip - Torn and restored - all in the spectators hands. The selected card is fairly torn into four pieces by the spectator, each of which are placed directly in the spectators hand. The spectator grips the pieces between both hands and at the performers command the card is restored. Includes full instructions on how to make the Rip gimmick.
  • Tender - Torn and restored bill - all in the spectators hands. Now you can perform rip with a borrowed bill.
  • EI8HT2WO - A demonstration of photographic memory and pure mathematical genius. 82 allows you to demonstrate perfect memory with a baffling prediction, a shuffled deck and sheer mathematical genius - this will seriously put you ten steps ahead of your repertoire.
    • Can be performed with any deck of cards
    • Very easy to setup with one of Daniels' strongest memory systems
    • taken directly from The Card Cheat Handbook
  • The Fine Scripture - A mind blowing in-the-spectators-hands revelation. The selected card vanishes from the deck and revealed to have been in the spectators hand the entire time.
  • The Devils Touch - Predict anything.
    • The prediction can be ANYTHING that can be written down or even drawn
    • You can perform this effect on ANYBODY at ANYTIME
    • The pad of paper is completely legit and un-gimmicked
    • The prediction is written with a different pen to the one used during the effect
    • The prediction is not a carbon or otherwise copy of the predicted word
    • No swami
    • EVERYTHING is clean and can be examined
    • The method does have to be learned and practiced as The Devils Touch teaches a skill-based method
    • There is deception in play, which is very minimal, cunning and will never be seen by spectators
  • Breach (gimmicked) - Signed card thru glass table. A deck of playing cards is introduced and a spectator is invited to select a card. The selected card is signed and returned to the deck and the cards are shuffled. The cards are spread face up across the surface of a glass table and mixed around. After asking the spectator to name their selected card, the performer gathers the cards and pushes down above them, at which point the signed card is seen to penetrate the center of the glass table.

    Breach is angle-proof and can be performed completely surrounded. The card falls through solid glass at the magicians command. No licking-and-sticking! Very simple sleight of hand with specially made and supplied gimmicks. Completely examinable before and after. Instant setup – Instant repeat – very easy to perform. Can be performed with any signed card and any deck. Gimmick version only - Includes instructions on how to make the Breach gimmick

1st edition 2008; 90 pages.
word count: 34646 which is equivalent to 138 standard pages of text