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Ireland's Year Book 1943
by Laurie Ireland

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Ireland's Year Book 1943 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Prize Winner Rope Trick
  • Patter For Any Newspaper Trick
  • The Care Of Celluloid Gimmicks
  • A Bit Of Patter For The Snake In The Basket, Snake That Unties Itself Or Any Other Snake Trick
  • Charlie Levett's Idea On The Miracle Egg Trick
  • The Patriotic Illusion
  • The Utility Loaf Of Bread
  • Are You Psychic?
  • Earl Morgan's Rising Elame
  • Ed Marlo's Simple Dice Routine
  • High Caliber Production
  • How To Wind And Tie A Turban
  • Old Sour Puss
  • Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal
  • You Always Have A Handkerchief......!
  • The Little Bunny That Eats!
  • The Brassiere
  • The Little Hindu
  • Miss Fatima
  • Dr. Finkle's Mouse
  • Ireland's Cotton Rabbit
  • The Match Box Die Box
  • Who Done It?
1st edition 1943, 35 pages; PDF 37 pages.
word count: 12520 which is equivalent to 50 standard pages of text