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It's a Biddle Thing
by Paul A. Lelekis


(3 reviews, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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It's a Biddle Thing by Paul A. Lelekis

Learn some of the most deceptive magic ever created, by a modest man, Elmer Biddle ... 5 impromptu effects plus a bonus trick!

Included with this e-book are 3 videos and 10 pictures. This e-book is a deep dive into the famous "Biddle Move", which is composed of The Biddle Steal and the much less known, The Biddle Switch - and all 5 tricks are impromptu. The videos teach the proper way to perform both Biddle Moves with in-depth instruction - plus the 4 as 5 Count.

Bonus effect: A 6th trick taught here is topological and can be used as a fun ESP effect or a straight-up prediction. A written message on the card box cellophane changes into another message. All 6 tricks are in the author's regular repertoire. Included is a Bio of Elmer Biddle and an introduction that is a must-read!

NOTE: Many of the included effects have been in other e-books by Paul Lelekis, so you may opt to not buy this tome. However, you may miss some superior instruction on the Biddle Moves.

B-FLY - This excellent version of the Biddle Trick uses only ten cards and is a real stunner...and it's easy to do.

21st Century 21 Card Trick - This is a beautiful version of a Marlo effect that Paul has revised to be easy to do. A selection, unknown to the performer travels to three piles of cards in an amazing fashion...highly interactive

E-Z Cards Across - Many Pro magicians have chosen to perform Paul's exceptional 2-stage version of this hilarious classic. It doesn't get any easier than this.

The Invisible Card - Another classic of magic that was popularized by the late Paul Cummins. This effect is a must for every magician's repertoire.

A Devilish Miracle II - Learn the Biddle Switch here. One of Paul's very favorite effects - and it is a stunner! Two spectator selections transpose with absolutely no clue as to how this is possible. This showcase will be one of your very favorite tricks to perform...guaranteed.

Bonus - The Hidden Message is a real winner. Write a message or 'bar code' or anything you wish on the side of a deck of cards - then shake the deck and the message turns into an answer or a hilarious response - have fun with your spectators with this one.

1st edition 2022, PDF 27 pages + 3 videos.
word count: 8315 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Enrico Varella
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 25 July, 2022

[I am a colleague of Paul and have received this ebook free of charge.]

The cover of Lelekis's latest book reflects its intention: It rocks! I was pleasantly pleased that this prolific author continues to write books on card magic and, more importantly, recognises the creators of sleights. This book is a tribute to Elmer Biddle. One of my favourite tricks by Alex Helmsley is "Fiddle With The Biddle In The Middle", and it is my workhorse routine due to the use of Biddle's sleight. Author Lelekis frames his extensive restaurant performing experience with two main sleights - Biddle Switch and Biddle Steal - into each of his routines. My favourites are "B-Fly" and "E-Z Cards Across", and they rock.

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 25 June, 2022

[I am a colleague of Paul and have received this ebook free of charge.]

It’s a Biddle Thing by Paul Lelekis is a fantastic collection of card tricks that you will be sure to start using right away and that are a delight to learn and perform. First off, it’s nice to discover and learn a little something about Elmer Biddle who was the originator of these terrific card slights. The Biddle sleights taught are all very effective utility slights that you will no doubt find useful not only for the effects taught here but for many other effects as well. They are not complicated or overly difficult yet their impact is quite impressive. The videos included providing clear and easy-to-follow explanations of all the Biddle slights used in this collection. I really love the effects presented in this collection. Several of the effects in this collection are truly some of my favorite effects of all time to perform. All of the effects in this collection are very straightforward, clean, and conducive to a comfortable relaxed performance where the emphasis is on presentation and effect, not complicated sleights. Paul enhances this exceptional collection of card effects with many practical ideas and nuances plus some presentational tips that will be sure to elevate your performances.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 25 June, 2022

[I am a colleague of Paul and have received this ebook free of charge.]

This is a great addition to the history and use of the biddle switch and the biddle steal. B-Fly and 21st Century 21 Card Trick are both effects you'll have to add to your routine. They are true foolers. E Z Cards Across is ideal for multiple spectators, particularly women, and aside from all the moves, Paul includes his personal patter. The Invisible Card is a Paul Cumming's effect, revised by the author. It is probably my favorite effect.. but that may depend on the day of the week. A chosen card is seen in one small packet.. vanishes.. and appears in another packed.. with a minimum amount of moves. A Develish Miracle II has a lot in common with The Invisible Card. It uses more sleights..(taught) and will become the favorite of many readers. The only reason I like the Invisible Card more is... I have two left hands... Paul also includes videos of all the essential moves, and carefully walks the reader through each step. This is the first ebook Paul has written in a little while, and I think he's been holding out on us. This is of great value and contains more useful effects than most books with ten times the pages. As the editor of the Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic.. I'll be recommending 'It's A Biddle Thing' to all my readers.