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J. C. Cannell

J. C. Cannell

(Douglas, Isle of Man: 25th October 1899 - Port Talbot, Wales: 1953)

Born as John Clucas Cannell was a journalist, author, amateur magician, and Vice-President of The Magician's Club in London. He had a legal dispute with the Zomahs (second-sight act) because he exposed their methods in print. The Zomahs prevailed and Cannell was fined. He is best known for his book on Houdini: The Secrets of Houdini which is an exposé of a number of Houdini's tricks with some biographical information and photos.

Wrote New Light on the Rouse Case (1927), The Hundred Best Tricks (1930), The Secrets of Houdini (1931, 279pp; repr 1932, 1938, 1973), 100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives (1932), In Town Tonight (1935), and The Quaker Oats Book of Magic (in Dutch tr as Het Meesterboek der Tooverkunst, 1938) and compiled Modern Conjuring for Amateurs (1938).

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J. C. Cannell
100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives (used) by J. C. Cannell

Hardcover without dustjacket. Some soiling on the cover and inside. For the content see the digital edition.

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J. C. Cannell
100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives by J. C. Cannell

Based on actual crimes and mysteries investigated at Scotland Yard.

This is a fun read if you like short problems of deduction and observation. While most of them are not locked room problems, there are two of them in this collection, #34 and #88. One of them states that on an express train, a girl was found dead in a third-class compartment. Her head was badly injured. A violent blow had caused her death. The train had not stopped during the journey and the girl had occupied the compartment alone all the way.

Magicians will be able to solve some of the mysteries more easily because they...

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J. C. Cannell
The Secrets of Houdini by J. C. Cannell

Houdini never explicitly revealed the methods he used to accomplish his feats. After his death, it was too tempting to cash in on revealing his methods. This book can certainly be called informed since J.C. Cannell was a close friend of Will Goldston who in turn was a personal friend of Harry Houdini. A good amount of biographical information is included which makes this ebook a fascinating read for anybody who would like to know more about Houdini and his remarkable career.

Harry Houdini, His Life-Story - Famous Spiritualist Leader Who Became His Friend - Accident Which Brought Him A Life-Partner...

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J. C. Cannell
The Master Book of Magic by J. C. Cannell

This book reveals some large-scale illusions and then teaches a range of easy tricks for the beginner.

  • Introduction
  • Secrets Of A Famous Magician Revealed
    • Buried Alive
    • Escape From A Milk-Can
    • The Vanishing Elephant
    • The Disappearing Horseman
    • "Needles And Thread"
    • Through A Brick Wall
  • Magic Tricks Which Can Be Performed In The Home
    • The Handkerchief Trick
    • The Cord And The Handkerchief
    • The Vanishing Sixpence
    • A Bangle Trick
    • Try These Two Match Tricks
    • The Broken Match
    • The Coin Mystery
    • The Telegraphic Coin
    • A Blowing Feat
    • Lighting A Lump Of Sugar
    • The Three Boxes
    • The Tablecloth ...
★★★★★ $10
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J. C. Cannell
The 100 Best Tricks by J. C. Cannell

From the introduction:

In this book there are actually many more than a hundred tricks and all of them could be performed by the average person. I have included no trick which would involve the use of expensive apparatus. Besides devoting a whole chapter to the best card tricks, I have included a number of simpler tricks with cards in other parts of the book.

    • Mind-Reading Magic
    • Seeing Through the Envelopes
    • Reading the News
    • A Remarkable Card Trick
    • Another Code
    • The Domino Trick
    • The Tell-Tale Touch
    • A Six-Fold...
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J. C. Cannell
Modern Conjuring by J. C. Cannell
  • Card Tricks
    • The Four Burglars
    • Divination
    • An Exhibition of Thought-Reading
    • The Disappearing Ace
    • Another Thought-Reading Trick
    • Hypnotic Selection
    • The Four Burglars Again
  • Tricks with Ordinary Handkerchiefs
    • Parachute
    • Doubling the Allotment
    • The Puzzle Knot
    • The Stretched Handkerchief
    • The Salamandic Handkerchief
    • The Flash Handkerchief
    • The Acrobatic Handkerchief
    • Handkerchief Knotting Act
    • The Instantaneous Knot
    • One-Handed Knot
    • Double Instantaneous Knot
  • Paper Magic
    • Trough
    • Easy Aeroplane Fold
    • Chrysalis Beads
    • Christmas Crackers
    • Slap Bang
    • Doorway Scoring Game
  • Conjuring...
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