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100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives
by J. C. Cannell

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100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives by J. C. Cannell

Based on actual crimes and mysteries investigated at Scotland Yard.

This is a fun read if you like short problems of deduction and observation. While most of them are not locked room problems, there are two of them in this collection, #34 and #88. One of them states that on an express train, a girl was found dead in a third-class compartment. Her head was badly injured. A violent blow had caused her death. The train had not stopped during the journey and the girl had occupied the compartment alone all the way.

Magicians will be able to solve some of the mysteries more easily because they rely on knowledge a well-read magician will likely know. Will Goldston, mediums, and fakirs make appearances.

  • Author's Note
  • Problems
    1. The Right Or Wrong Train?
    2. The Thief's Secret
    3. Brains Versus Shells
    4. The Baffled Guests
    5. Vanished Luggage
    6. Professor Jim
    7. The Overturned Car
    8. The Magistrate's Rebuke
    9. The Constable's Whisper
    10. The Duke And The Thief
    11. The Legacy
    12. The Missing Necklace
    13. Not This Time
    14. The Forger
    15. The Dandy
    16. The Plausible Young Man
    17. The German Sergeant-Major's Warning
    18. The Mystery Of The "Clairvoyant"
    19. The Murder
    20. The Red Carnation
    21. The Smart Reporter
    22. The Detective As Forger
    23. The Mail-Bag Robbery
    24. Spotting The Shadower
    25. The Safe Robbery
    26. The Mystery Of The Parcels
    27. The Medium
    28. The Reporter's Problem
    29. The Motor Bandits
    30. The Diplomatic Document
    31. The Card Tricksters
    32. The Diamond Merchant
    33. The Detective's Question
    34. The Train Mystery
    35. At The Village Inn
    36. The Ghost
    37. Pearls Are Trumps
    38. The Pickpocket
    39. What The Inspector Told The Woman
    40. The Chinese Ring
    41. The False Half-Crowns
    42. The Mystery Of The Violin
    43. The Stolen Ship
    44. The Man From Aberdeen
    45. The Clever Smugglers
    46. The Watch-Dogs
    47. The Cinema Fire
    48. A Penniless Man
    49. The Magician
    50. The Fakir
    51. The Riddle Of The Box
    52. Where There's A Crook
    53. A Coward's Castle
    54. The Hotel Thief
    55. At The Pillar-Box
    56. The Cheque Frauds
    57. The Spy
    58. A Gas Meter Fraud
    59. A Railway Mystery
    60. One Snowy Night
    61. A Puzzling Affair
    62. The Strad
    63. The Bank Notes
    64. The Chase
    65. "The Blue Danube"
    66. The Keys
    67. A Fly Trick
    68. On Derby Day
    69. A Mysterious Fraud
    70. What The Police Found
    71. How A Crook Was Trapped
    72. The Three Receipts
    73. The Missing Girl
    74. A Clever Trick
    75. A Strange Mystery
    76. An Insurance Fraud
    77. In The Bar Parlour
    78. Another Murder
    79. The Libellous Letters
    80. The Two Burglaries
    81. The Hotel Mystery
    82. A Clever Trick
    83. The Smuggler
    84. The Cautious Burglar
    85. The False Coins
    86. The Murdered Miser
    87. A Mysterious Confederate
    88. The Mystery Of The Key
    89. The Naval Relics
    90. The Warehouse Fire
    91. I Meet A Fakir
    92. When It Was Dark
    93. The Fakir Tries Again
    94. Buried Alive
    95. The Mystery Of The Dead Mouse
    96. I Meet An Illusionist
    97. I Write And The Wizard Reads
    98. The Silent Burglar
    99. The Dogs' Home
    100. A Test For You

1st edition 1932, 222 pages; PDF 106 pages.
word count: 39159 which is equivalent to 156 standard pages of text

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